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    Everything... but copper!!

    Thank you!
  2. Genesis West

    Everything... but copper!!

    Well I'll be danged... I thought copper came from copper... haha. Thank you! That means I have an abundance of copper! 😂 I am so embarrassed that I didn't notice that... When I looked up the Wiki, it said copper was stained from sucking up copper, so I got really upset. Thank you!!
  3. Genesis West

    Everything... but copper!!

    Oh my gosh... I just realized that was another thing I didn'r see at all! None of my planets had Aluminum or Copper! This 4th planet might, or I can just start another. I'm not really that far in. Thank you for your help!!
  4. Genesis West

    Everything... but copper!!

    So, I have been playing the new version, and I have been enjoying it... but the first time I booted it back up, I couldn't play my previous files, so I had to delete them. I start a new game, I get nearly EVERYTHING I need in the first 2 hours... then I need copper... I looked for nearly SIX HOURS!!! and I found 0 copper. I got so mad, I deleted the game file, started a new planet, spent 6 hours on that one, and STILL NO COPPER. I'm on the 4th new file, and I'm about to just uninstall this game!! All I ever find are compound, Resin, Malachite, Ammonium, Graphite, Clay, Granite, etc! BUT NO COPPER.... please help ?