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    Buggy Trailer would be nice

    *Just a ramp and wheels*-correction
  2. Make it so there is a buggy trailer so you can hook your buggy to your truck when moving base. just a and wheels (no battery on the side). you could also make it so this is the way you could charge the buggy as well. (not sure the technical terms for this but it will need a lock down button to just lock it and charge it). You should make it so it only has the 1 connection port so it'll have to be at the end of the "train".
  3. Tankling28

    Change the backpack to be interchangeable.

    Making the backpack into a medium storage will make collecting soil better as well as resource gathering. All you got to do is drop the normal storage and grab your soil collecting one, or drop all items at the furnace at once.
  4. You guys should make it so you start with the 8 slot storage attached to your back, (this will be the same as the backpack in its current state) but it could be removed to reveal a 2-slot for stuff like 1 research pod, or a jetpack attachment that's efficient like the buggy, but uses hydrozene. Your top slots (z,x), augment slots, and build slot will still be free.