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  1. If you think about it, the vehicle could have either a slot for a generator or a pre-built generator within that you refuel regularly.
  2. Don't forget the hidden text below the picture. It may seem like a cruel joke but some things just can't happen.
  3. I wish they'd implement couch co-op or something. When none of my friends are on it can get rather boring working on my own.
  4. A GPS or map would be awesome. Often times I find it easy to get lost on the planets and I end up losing my stuff. I think this would be a very useful addition to the game.
  5. That makes sense. I agree about the lag but often times it just depends on our internet quality. There have been some instances in which I've seen lag and other times I've not. Either way I believe boats could be an awesome addition in the future.
  6. Could we possibly get boats in Astroneer? I love the idea of traversing lakes or something like that using a boat. Also could it be possible for us to get a dock for the boat? I figure that would be awesome.
  7. Sounds like I missed out on something big. I'd love a new suit, I see the regular ones too... regularly. Also, are they doing special promos in the future? This is getting interesting.
  8. I love the elevator idea but if you overcomplicate the heck out of the build process it may not be popular. Why not implement the lift unit on the top frame? Standard elevators in reality have them, why can't space elevators have one too?
  9. Yay full version finally. I play this on my Xbox One and it is fun. I enjoy goofing around in the beautiful mysteries of space.