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  1. While transfering in the large shuttle from the satellite to Desolo the game hung up, I was unable to go into the task manager and kill the game. I had to sign out of windows to quit the game. Never had a game (any game) crash before like this. When arriving at desolo the game began to stutter (also a new experience) and while engaging in the landing (while still airborne) the game hung up after stuttering severely. Sidenote: this patch have made things worse rather than better (for me) it seems. Please give the option to revert to an older version, that way I can at least still play the game without all the other issues, I can live with some of them, but I can't live with crashes which force me to sign out of windows (ie, soft reset).
  2. While exploring a cavern I got launched into the air, well technically into the soil above me, then fell down to my death. I was standing on solid ground while this happened, no plants in the vicinity. This happened on the planet Calidor and the moon Novus on seperate occasions, and while on Novus it teleported me to the surface, on Calidor it just launched me up into the air, causing a fall to my death.
  3. After quitting the game (after update to went to Task Manager to check if Astroneer had quit, and it didn't. It's a bit of a random event, out of every 10+ times or so, the game fails to shut down properly.
  4. Had the same experience while digging a tunnel, got shot up to the surface. Incidentally I was searching for Lithium and got dropped near a large deposit. I was even close enough to my base to not suffocate while running to said base Also, while on the surface, I regularly got shot up into the air like standing of one of those tongue like plants (don't know how they're called).
  5. While trying to start a new game steam failed to launch with the error 'app already running'. I played the game twice since the update, within the first 2 hours after the update at 6 AM CET. Went to bed afterwards, and when trying to launch the game at 8 PM CET, the error occurred. Closed the game through the Task Manager, the game launched normally after that.
  6. Having just started the game I feel the exact opposite; some resources seem impossible to find/obtain, which gives the sensation of a huge grind. A selectable difficulty option would be awesome though, whith an easy mode for beginners like me, and a harder mode for more advanced players.