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    Rabid power spending - bug

    Spiky Mushroom death fixed it for now.
  2. Allan

    Rabid power spending - bug

    I now have this also. I suspect the tractor is related as mine was magically recharging itself in a cave. I threw a few power cells around and solars and batteries and managed to stop it bleeping at me for a time, but it wasn't long before it was happening again. Since then it's gotten worse. Even when my whole backpack is empty, mods are set to off, light is off and all on the ground... power still drains like I'm making something or using the mods full speed. My poor tractor was unable to keep up while out on Desolo so I had to walk away from it to allow it to charge so I could drive a little bit then repeat. Oxygen tanks are the only reason I survived. As I type this I'm back at base on Desolo, solar powered, and every few minutes as the sun sets my backpack drains the whole base power supply just standing there.
  3. Allan

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    My big save got messed up too. As was totally expected. Is this worth allowing multiplayers not to have to deal with that phantom dirt reappearing in tunnels? Absolutely.
  4. Allan

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    I made the ball and nets. They are sitting on the side waiting to be blown up when I can be bohered going to the effort. I don't multi. My laptop pretty much can't. Ever tried to play soccer with yourself? Doesn't last long. With that said I appreciate the stability fixes and the functional items like the portable shelter. Tho I personally probably won't use that either.
  5. Allan

    Buggies Vanishing (PC)

    The death was normal. Fart cloud plant got you. Could hear and see the gas. The buggys... I'm assuming they got hit with the falling through the ground bug that seems to be really bad right now. Particularly in multiplayer. Usually it's when you dig or smooth near them that they visably fall through the ground and disappear into caves below, or right to the core of the planet sometimes. I suspect that being multiplayer it amplified that bug for when you were digging in the caves. Or something like that. Sinking items is far too common right not. Tractors, buggies, even tables all fall. Even in my stable solo games it happens.
  6. Quit and exit to main menu functions as the pause. One way to find it is to have an active beacon in your backpack before you die. I carry on on my tractor for that reason too. Too late for that now in your case tho. Your best bet is to try and spot it from orbit in a shuttle, or random luck driving around. Most times it is not worth the effort. You will die often in this game. It's expected. Teathers connect to oxygenators. If you put an oxygenator on a trailer I expect teathers would connect to it. I haven't tried it personally but it works the same with tables. For exactly the same reason you need an oxygenator in a shuttle if you want teathers to connect to it too. While the game has it's faults, these are not some of them. These are design features in a survival game.
  7. Allan

    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    One of the better suits imo. I like the simple clean look, as opposed to the "unicorn threw up over everything" look. Awesome use of the real audio clips btw.
  8. I might try this tomorrow. But for now, I can confirm that I had this freezing bug and after adding the -nosound parameter in steam I have now achieved about 8 hours of play. Why this is I do not know but it sounds relevant to the problem in some way.
  9. Allan

    First crashes

    Confirmed solution for my issue. Hopefully the next patch addresses this and I can hear my game again.
  10. Allan

    First crashes

    Solved?!? Partially. Possibly. I inserted the -nosound switch (steam, astroneer, properties, general, set launch options) and started a new game. Built a little bit then went out for a bit. After 3 hours it was actually still running. Haven't had the time to actually play but will update when I do. DEVS probably already know there are sound issues like this as it was in these forums going back to 2016 that I got this tip from.
  11. Allan

    A very buried Gateway chamber

    Put full terrain analyser on top slot (it takes about 20 seconds to fill and I think it beeps when done) Inhibitor in #2. Use ALT add dirt = paint I had to youtube to work it out too but once I got it it made sense. I had the up in the air node. Wasn't hard building a ramp... was hard not falling off to my death while activating it.
  12. Allan

    First crashes

    Having been in this game for about a year and a half I'm under no illusions that it is still being developed. I recognise that much was rushed because the public wanted 1.0. So I'm just going to wait knowing that they are working on it. As they just said, smelter is in the middle of a code rewrite for example. I'm just bumbed I can't play it and try the XL shredder and XL platform.
  13. Allan

    First crashes

    Uninstalled, deleted config folder, reinstalled. 4 minutes of game play, frozen.
  14. Allan

    First crashes

    And so I thought let's see if it crashes while I do nothing at all. Started a new save. Did nothing other than click go. The wind moved and the day/night cycled. For only 13 minutes. Then it froze with a gust of wind paused across the screen. This was on my main laptop display this time, not the second monitor. Graphics all lowest.
  15. Allan

    First crashes

    I just loaded the game hoping for a quick update fix. Nope. I sat in the shelter and read the news on a side monitor. Game froze sometime within 5 minutes and I never even exited the shelter.