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  1. Fun bug! Like a feature...but not really. 1) Use your tool to bury yourself. Just build dirt up a little around you and bury your astroneer. Don't give yourself room to breathe really shovel it on. Sounds weird but it can be done. 2) You fall through the planet. (I even came back up after...so for me there were no negatives, just pure fun. Could end poorly for you though.)
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    Thanks for the hard work!
  3. Base building is missing key features: 1) Any base building game should have a method to delete structures you have built. Perhaps I have missed this ability but I can't find it in your game. 2) It should be possible to make the terrain level, in a straightforward manner and the buildings shouldn't cause chaos with leveling when placed. Some of us like neat and tidy bases and this is made nearly impossible with the current system. (I am aware that the mining gun allows for terrain leveling but it doesn't do a great job and the base structures ruin any leveling you have done. 3) You should be able to break up your base into multiple parts. If you want to have another base 40 feet from your starting base that should be possible. The current system requires each base to be one big sprawling unit without the ability to break it up. This is more about freedom of design and game-play, it just seems like a strange limitation to prevent players from breaking up their bases. Maybe there is a way to do this in the game but not that I have seen yet. 4) The blue after images are really painful to look at when you have a ship docked...can't we have a way to turn off the blue images? 5) How about foundation blocks so that the ground is really level? It could even be a technology that is developed or something. It would be even better if it could be retroactively added to buildings that have already been placed (on a related note, why can't you move buildings that have been placed?????) 6) How about elevated platforms to build on and stairs to match? That way you make it easier for players to build up.