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    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    yeah, that one is bugged =) For the time being I recommend you to ignore the storage module and just build a 3-seat thingie (or just 2 seats) and then put research onto the rest 2 slots + the front and back connectors
  2. orels1

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    you attach it directly to the truck or to the storage module on the truck? (I only have that if I put them onto the storage)
  3. orels1

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    I'm attaching 3 research-items on top on the truck and 2 on the front and rear "connectors" since the storage attachments are bugged - i cannot see any other options at this point. And 5 items is not half-bad anyways
  4. orels1

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    The problem I'm having is that game never utilizes more than 40% of my CPU and never more than 30% of the GPU, so like the load is very low, but the game is still slow. And moving to another planet doesn't help with the performance at all, so it seems like it has nothing to do with the amount of things you have currently on-screen. You might be right that for some reason game does something with all the terrain changes even when you're not near them. Anyway, the devs seem to be working fast on the fixes, so I hope we will get some updates on that soon.
  5. orels1

    You can make a base from the soler panel crash.

    Can confirm you can use your rover/truck as a passthrough to connect the panel to the main base. It gives you A LOT of power, so if you have one nearby, it's worth spending some Resin to connect to the rover on the other side, or just get a new base (with a habitat module) near it.
  6. orels1

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    Weird thing though is that I don't see any signs of increased memory consumption or anything. It even feels like the game is under-utilizing the PCs hardware while it needs more resources to operate normally. So like if the dev set the hard constraints on how much resources the game can consume and after a while it just cannot operate properly with such restrictions even if your PC allows it to do so. I agree with the "dullness", although the beta-branch helped me a lot (at least for a while)
  7. Thx for the heads up on the dissappearance. Can confirm the same issue here (PC, Win 10, Steam version, beta branch). I'm reconnecting them instantly though.
  8. orels1

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    After switching to beta branch, i've got a noticable fps bump (sadly, didn't capture the comparison) but it felt like a change from sluggish sub-20 fps up to high 50s. It was all great, but after a while I've run into the same perfomance problems (even though I haven't really used a lot of tethers (i've started to increase the size of the base itself), so now I have all the same mid-20s. Here's a little example: The one thing that bugs me the most, is that even after moving to another planet (wanted to start from scratch but with tech already discovered), the performance stayed the same, while the game only utilized like 30-40% of CPU and 20-30% of the GPU (same for the frame buffer), which seems odd for me. Also, I can agree with the people above: tethers being individual light sources while having a performance impact - did an amazing job for the aesthetics. For such a "low-poly" styled game - the lighting is what makes this world come to life, and seeing the shading reduced to basically 2 dynamic sources: the sun and the player flashlights - is sad. System specs: i7-2600, GTX780 (3GB MSI Lightning, latest drivers), 16GB of DDR3 RAM, Win 10