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  1. That would be smart. Maybe its kind of like dynamite... It doesn't have much of a use but I cost supplies. Dynamite's probably just for fun and for killing your self XD. I know from experience!
  2. I wish you could but as of right now, you can't. I think that would be cool to custimise the base!
  3. I have tried it on the Large rover but it moves very slow. I have yet to try the medium rover! Thanks for the advice!
  4. Feel free to post screenshots along with a comment!
  5. That would be cool, but you would have to use some kind of fuel... not that that's a problem.
  6. But I must say Astroneer is at least 3x better that Minecraft, besides, Astroneer is way more pretty!
  7. They should have some guidance to tell you that you have to first make a single use thruster, to get to Tundra and collect Wolframite, so you can make a bigger fuel thruster to get to other planets. ?