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  1. I cryed "Wo-o-o-o" after watching the trailer
  2. Don't understand how you can save the rule without weapons and have competitive experience
  3. + a very insightful idea, a great addition to the atmosphere of the game. But I think the cassette could be produced with no extra projectors, just like the button on the capacitor ,or anywhere else. I especially would like to hear different stories about century where the hero is.
  4. I agree, at least I would like to feel the atmosphere during long journey transport
  5. I think the tutorial is already developed, but not introduced in pre alpha
  6. I imagine not a big portable locator with a small radius, just to find caves nearby, and only them
  7. I'm sorry , I just think that you need to choose interesting mechanics to the game, I believe that the Astroneer has a much greater potential. Me love Astroneer, but I very much doubt that the exploring can keep in the game. So I think a moderate amount of struggle and violence can make the game only better
  8. As the plot, character "dashing to infect gold-decoy" so I doubt that anything will prevent him from killing someone or for the money, I'd like to see in the game to fight for "gold". But I wanted to-moderate amount of struggle
  9. For some reason, I wanted to make a model of my version of "Astro bike." I thought that the version of the gyroscopic bike will look more modern and advanced. P.S I support this idea
  10. Пожалуйста в следующий раз используй какой либо переводчик
  11. I think need just keep your car in safety
  12. Interesting ideas , but but number 8 too recall Subnatica
  13. I'm sorry but I find a good impression when traveling ,and not "teleport" and I want other players had no such advantages for me
  14. Take it easy guy ,I'd just forgotten
  15. No,no,no I don't agree ,it really breaks the atmosphere of the game,and the meaning of many a mechanic of the game no offense this is just my opinion !
  16. You guys seemed to have removed from my mouth , this to add a lot of realism for game
  17. I have not heard about the plans of developers op port game on MAC , and I don't think that in the future will be so deplovers can optimization game for MAC
  18. + Ha-ha-ha, a lot of functions, I like this idea so much !
  19. + Agree (only as a creature of robots) Something like this