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  1. Could you also make a bin for the salvages when finding a wreck, so you can take the small salvagables and put them in the bin to take back to your home base. The bin would also have a lid on it so if you hit a rock, nothing bounces out of the bin. This would only work for the tier one salvagables. And the bin would cost 4 titanium, fabricated from the vehicle bay, and the bin would take up 4 module slots and cannot be moved. When fabricated from the vehicle bay, it will not be a box needed to be opened after the fabrication. It will be like fabricating a large storage.
  2. For future plans, if you're planning to take this further, maybe you could make a machine that is bigger than the crane, but acts like it. After you build it, you can get crashed space station parts and this machine will allow you to fix the space stations using Astronium. You can take the space stations to other planets. And, if you get enough Hydrazine, you can go to 2 other solar systems, discover more resources, discover more technology.