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    Even though it's pain at first, I've quite grown used to it and something about not having accurate means of navigation increases the overal challenge of the game, adding a bit of risk versus reward. The compass gives you a nice bearing but the further away you get from your base the more inaccurate it becomes to find your away back with just a compass bearing. When I go about exploring in a rover I navigate by the stars as means of getting my bearing. Bringing beacons to create a trail to follow also helps quite a lot, just make sure you drop them frequently so the remain visible over the horizon. GPS only work if there are multiple satellites in orbit, getting GPS eliminates the needs for beacons or the compass completely. Not having accurate navigation kind of makes this game fun for me, meaning you have to come up with you own means of navigation and finding your way back home. May it be a very long trail of tether to follow, what I used with in caverns and tunnels underground or with your compass, the stars and beacons on the surface.
  2. Keen to learn how long it takes, before that experience stand point shifts... At first I was the exact same, until I learned and discovered where to find what and through trial and error learn of my mistakes.
  3. I'm a bit worried with the current progression rate of the game, the research speed, the material costs to construct things all determine the overal game difficult and as of right now things feel really easy. I've had the experience of a 4 player co-op game and 4 players not knowing how the game worked or what needed to be done along with a great many hours of solo game play. Early game, your mostly limited by the amount of power you can provide you facilities and this is even holding 4 player back some what, running multiple small generators we didn't consider to be ideal, but it helped out when needing to build something and overcome the power shortage. Once the first vehicle is build, greatly extending the exploration range additional small solar panel and small wind turbine can be found at wrecked bases. This will aid your progression speed and things speed up even more when batteries are found. 2/3 of the research catalog was unlocked, before we set out to explore other systems and of course without the additional required solid-fuel thruster to make the return trip with. This all within two or three hours of disorganized mayhem, just trying and experimenting. Once organized and knowing what to do, more or less the same can be achieved solo. Through out a week of 2 hour play sessions I managed to visit the barren moon, arid planet and tundra. On each planet a decent array of power generators, wind or solar, paired with a battery to power a small base holding a smelter, Soil Centrifuge and a Vehicle Bay. Rise and repeat this a few more times and I've been on all planets, unlocked everything in the catalog and build everything worth building. To be clear, I'm not saying I'm not having fun. But I'm quite certain that once everything is unlocked the urge to continue to play the game without any new clear goals to achieve will not keep me and likely other entertained for very long. Reducing the research value of re-searchable objects will slow down progression somewhat, but also provide more time to explore and gather resources. Ramping up the material bill for higher tier equipment will force players to explorer further away from there base to find resources or tunnel deeper in to the planet. Both will lengthen and slowdown the overall game progression somewhat as well as stimulate the need to build a rover or large rover and fully utilize it to aid in the goal to gather resources and re-searchable objects.