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  1. Looks good so far. Now, bring the leveling box to normal mode and i give this game another chance. Btw what does it mean " breaking the soil economy "? I can't remember any soil economy in the alpha.
  2. Nice features, but without "True Flat"... Again, very disappointing!
  3. Best update for a long time. But as others said before the UI of drill and paver must be reworked. Drill: Camera and drill level control together on same bind is a no go. Paver: Though a very good tool, it can't be turned on/off especially when on front of a large rover with a drill. Removing it from the front anytime is a mess. Aux 1 and 2 buttons for left/right control may be better than front/back control.
  4. Sure, a wonderful idea. But i would exchange this and all the new stuff for True Flat. Game is still boring after 1st playthrough. Nothing to do, nothing to build.
  5. I'm on PC and make backups by hand. Welcome to the 21st century devs!!! @ mumbles mumbles Thank you for the kind answer.
  6. After a long awaited stable patch (1.1.3) this one crashes again. Don't need the new items except the new tier 2 storage. The only really good feature is the new vehicle driving physics. Still waiting for True Flat and/or other base building features. Games gets more and more boring. Edit: Oh, and please, please, insert "multiple and loadable savegames of running session" or at least "Quit w/o Saving".
  7. Crashed after 2.5 hours playing in single player. Still waiting for a stable version. And yes, I play other games as long as Astroneer in a single session w/o crashes. PC Config: see other bug reports Mytos Logs and SaveGame
  8. Nice one! 10 minutes after loading last savegame it crashed!
  9. In the alpha i had one crash in the beginning i can't remember. Over 500 hours of playing Astroneer later the game crashes twice with the new patch. Do you really think it's my system that runs stable with all other games? Btw, after reporting over 20 bugs i'm sure the dev(s) know my specs. It's now released, they have income. Recruit more/better devs.
  10. Next crash after 1 hour. Game stops, RAM usage goes up (Taskmanager). Still no crash logs...
  11. Game crashed on Win10/Steam after aprox. 1 hour playing a fresh game. Last crash happened over half a year ago during alpha. Can't find crash dump files.
  12. Are you kidding me? I've activated every single gateway on all planets and now after this patch half of them are deactivated again? "...will require more implementation and testing"? Seriously? Why did you skip the beta? That's a beta phase for! Wrong! It has to be called: Fixed SOME of YOUR most commonly reported crashes increasing overall stability. Deployed fixes for a number of YOUR most commonly reported gameplay bugs Oh, year, that's a critical bug that has to be fixed first. and Of course, the bugs are caused by our bad hardware and noobish usage of your brilliant software. Nope, no more! It's now release. That was your catastrophic decision. Pay for it or do it yourself! This is all getting more rediculous with every patch. I say that as a steam user. Poor XBox users! I'm now gonna treat this software as it is, an early access beta. So I uninstall it and may come back in half a year to see what's happened. I regret every second I wasted in this bug forum.
  13. It won't last another week. Week is over...