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    Game refuses to save

    I uninstalled and re-installed the game via the Microsoft Store, and now the game will save *maybe* once out of every 5 attempts. This is ridiculous - even for an alpha. I build web applications for a large healthcare organization, and you better believe our web applications correctly persist data from day one, and we regression test the hell out of everything, because we can't afford to lose data - ever. I understand this is just a game, but people are making a considerable investment in time. If the game won't consistently save progress, it is basically un-playable.
  2. Also, I Code

    Game refuses to save

    After countless hours put into Astroneer on Windows 10, my game has refused to save any progress since 11/6/2018. No process of saving the game works... entering a vehicle, entering the main environment chamber in my base, using the esc menu and saving to the main menu or desktop - NOTHING WORKS. I really love the game, but am extremely disappointed to lose all of my progress.
  3. Also, I Code

    No save the game i need help pls

    I have exactly the same problem. Astroneer refuses to save my game, and the last time I can get back to is weeks ago. I've put countless hours into this game, and it's extremely frustrating to lose all of my progress.
  4. Also, I Code

    Game refuses to save

    After countless hours of playing, Astroneer is refusing to save any progress. Every time I save and return to my game, I am always returned to the same point. I would really hate to lose all of the progress I've made. What can I do to fix the situation? Kindest regards, Brandon