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  1. First of all, HI ! I love this game and Hope that its development will continue. (I'm French so my English can be really bad so if someone want to correct my text if needed I would appreciate it) And in this mind I would drop here some ideas and improvements that I thought. Alignment Tool: The way that this tool build is wrong or need to get 1 other tool to make a real "flat floor / wall" cause the actual one is based on player axis and not world axis. So imagine if you would extend your default base drop (everyone do it right ?) and make it real flat horizontally to improve platforms or the way that vehicles will be craft actually it's REALY HARD / impossible cause the default unbreakable floor (black one under base drop) isn't really flat on world axes but it mean to appear on a random one. vehicles bay: lots of crafts on vehicles are really functional ATM but others are really not: I found on others topic 3-rover-seat angle etc but actually (and I admit not read everything cause to long) but I think the real Problem of those craft is that you can't manage it by your self.. your player can drag and place the 1 rover seat ( that one working on rocket btw, I think it's a bug) but not the 3 seat or the large/huge stockage but why? to heavy ? if it's heavy then let us at least placing it where we want in the vehicles bay ? electrical items: the splitter is not really functional in this form, only 3 in/out ? we got at least in a final form a list of maybe 7/8 engine in need of elec and this number is only if you are playing alone with only 1 vehicles bay and 1 research bay. So you'll probably answer me "then use multiple splitter" but imagine how much splitter you need and how long you will take to set-up the priority every time you'ld need to get some bay to get more elec? so maybe a bigger splitter with more in/out connectors could be nice (and maybe need more resources to be crafted then). This thread isn't finished, Ii will be actualized in the futur. (and will attach some pics if needed) Thanks for reading.