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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Hi all. My son and I were playing and I discovered a bug, Long thread, not sure if mentioned previously. I will upload a video to youtube later. The bug will cause your vehicle to disappear. I was the hoast, My son joined and he Could not see all of the vehicles. just the last carriage in a chain. The first time we had the vehicle disappear, I asked my son to hop in a chair, and I then placed the chair (With him in it) on the vehicle (part of the vehicle he could not see) instantly he and the chair and the parts he could not seen by me, it all went into space. he could not see the vehicle, he was in the chair still, but in orbit or.... he had to exit the chair and wait till suffocation. The second time. we had an even longer vehicle, he could only see the last part of the chain, I hoped in the front and started to drive, he then hoped in the back which was being dragged along by the front which I was driving. Then as I hoped out of the front (While he was still in the back). I was flung into space. He could not see the front three vehicles still. well, just the last part that he was in. And when I ran back to that location (After falling from space to my doom, relanding at the base, kitting up for a long run). all I found was that last part, The front three trucks storages and Loot were all gone. Very Disappointing. but it is what it is. Note to anyone. if the person joins a hosted game and can not see a vehicle (just the back part) reconnect to get it fixed. I wish there was a refresh button one could press when such a thing happens. Thanks in advance. and Love the new 10.2 build Bryce. https://youtu.be/8sMDigPgfRM