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    Seat on a rocket

    So, i just got back into the game, learning everything new. Found out that i need an atmospheric condenser on a different plant for some things. So i place one on my extra large rocket, go out and salvage for 3 hours so I could trade for ammonium to make hydrozine to fully fuel my rocket. All is going as planned until i find out that a seat attached to storage doesn’t count as it being the cockpit. I couldn’t attach a seat to my only fully fueled rocket. Kinda upset me and I haven’t played since.
  2. Ben Durcholz


    When exploring caverns and laying down teathers, i end up getting lost in a maxe tryig to get out. It would be such a time saver if the teathers showed you which way the air was coming from. This could be a blue arrow at the top pointing along the line towards the next. That way when there’s a fork in the road, you can be absolutely certain which way is out. attached is a super quick iphone rendition of it.