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  1. Hermann

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    The jetpack update. Done. rest is filler.
  2. Hermann

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Missing those old caves for sure. Maybe both types could coexist?
  3. Hermann

    How do I...?

    Find some creative use for them or pester SES to implement platform shredding. Alternatively, play with dynamite, or throw them in a pit somewhere.
  4. Hermann

    Ceiling / Alignment mod

    A floor ceiling wouldnt be flat on the ceiling side though. Can flatten it ofc, but getting the right starting point is very tedious if not impossible.
  5. Hermann

    Ceiling / Alignment mod

    +1 for aligned ceilings!
  6. Hermann

    Alignment mod to make a ceiling

    +1 for aligned ceilings!
  7. Hermann

    Ray Tracing

    Would be interesting to see for sure. Though this could be completely unrelated, I did notice some interesting branches on steamdb. Makes me wonder if ses is experimenting with raytracing. Again, could mean something else entirely, but RTX is mentioned several places: If not raytracing, I'd be curious to know the meaning of the acronym in this context 🙂
  8. Hermann

    Clean Planets option

    +1 Would love to see this as well. Along with more customization in general.
  9. Thats good to know. But where oh where is this mysterious list of known bugs?
  10. How would that not be a bug? 😜
  11. It also drops finished resources on the ground if there is no free platform space. The 4 smelter slots dont get used, nor does it autoload raw resources into these slots. So maybe the issue is centered around these slots..
  12. Hermann

    Extra Large Shredder

    Agree. In my opinion it should be be able to shred any rubble or base item that we are able to pick up. Within reason, size wise. Maybe not the XL platform, as an example.
  13. Also, there is no save, which makes sense i guess. as i never quit or entered the hab. Shame, such a nice spot. even had one of the giant solars handy.
  14. Was standing around watching the sunrise, contemplating why it creates such wavy rapidly moving shadows on the ground. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, time froze. It is still frozen. What sorcery is this? Luckily time still flows in an ordinary fashion on the forums. Fresh save btw. barely unlocked the centrifuge and started looking for latterite 😃
  15. Hermann

    Shuttle Bug

    This.. Exactly this. My player 2 been having this issue a LOT. Only on rare occasions did we manage to safely fly to another planet using an extra seat on a large shuttle without issue. But, very often, p2 had to reconnect after landing as exiting the shuttle was not possible. Client player solo flight was a complete no go. Lost a few shuttles in space to that. We still see them orbiting while we go about our business on the surface.