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  1. Hermann

    Color Coded Landing Zone Bubbles

    do you feel that beacons in their current form arent cutting it? if so, why?
  2. Hermann

    Astronium dissapers when reloading

    Happens to other resources as well. Probably all of them. Specifically tested resin myself, and seen reports of other resources disappearing as well.
  3. Hermann

    Research objects: too good?

    So lock the game down to a single path so that they don't feel it's too easy? Maybe they should stick to Rock, Paper & Scissors... Absolutely not. Not talking about removing paths. Just making them relatively balanced, so that one doesnt outperform the other tenfold. Unless you're playing competitively how does it matter? In your analogy you mention competitive PvP games, sure it's frowned on there, I'd imagine that in some cases its bannable you're breaking the curve by cheating. In this game if you want to get all your research from large objects in the Research Chamber is anyone going to stop you? If you want to religiously pick-up and scan (or even research) all of the small items you can. It's your choice. Personally I start out with Sphalerite (Zinc) until I have Astronium, and if I get big research items with a decent B/m I do them too, but that doesn't prevent me from doing it differently in my next save... Just because it isnt competitive PVP doesnt automatically mean anything and all passes as good game design.
  4. Hermann

    AutoTether v1.0 Download

    How does it work though. Is it a repeated keystroke on a timed delay assuming normal runspeed?
  5. +1 ohhhh i had an inkling something was wrong. Yes indeed they do disappear. Very easy to reproduce
  6. Hermann

    Why are all UI text so tiny?

    Glad you hear you found the issue. Didn't have issues selecting desired resolution myself. I found the games max resolution to be limited to desktop resolution(even though it happily lets you select high res), and in one instance, after messing around a lot with resolutions, i had to change back and fort in between desired resolution and a random one, to give it a "refresh", before it would apply the resolution. But it always saved and stayed where i put it.
  7. Hermann

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    I would have loved for the old cave style to still be present. For a level or two. Sad to see it disappear completely
  8. Hermann

    Why are all UI text so tiny?

    On the contrary, I did read it all. And, don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to larger fonts. But you can get much better text than what you have in your screenshot. While you claim 1920x1080, your screenshot tells a different story. Willing to bet you are running a desktop resolution of 1080p, and ingame resolution of only 720p. This results in an upscale giving you a 1080p screenshot but the game still renders at only 720p. Not only do you loose clarity to lower resolution, but also to upscaling. Astroneer doesnt properly change display resolution. It is windowed fullscreen after all. (wouldnt matter for clarity in your case as native is 1080p anyway, but matters for the screenshot size) If above statement does not hold true, how do you explain my 1080p screens having much increased text clarity over yours? First with Antialiasing set to Ultra. Second, antialiasing set to low (= off)
  9. Hermann

    Why are all UI text so tiny?

    Not very readable I agree. I get that you might want to reduce power consumption and heat on a laptop, but the best advice I can give is increasing resolution to 1080p. Disabling anti aliasing also greatly increases text clarity, more so below 1080p, but affects the entire scene, ofc.. Running a non native resolution also worsens the matter. In my opinion text size if fine, bluryness is the main issue. Then again larger text wouldnt hurt, either. Not like it is going to be in the way of anything in a temporary iu panel like this.
  10. Thinking the same thing. Large platform B is cheap and versatile, and platforms above that doesnt see much use. From me, at least. Would love to see a platform style with room for 2 crafting modules as well as a large amount of flat storage. Or maybe angled 45 degrees for easier access, but if based on medium storage, those must be in "flat" mode. Or maybe the ability to connect platforms in a way that enables automatic resource transfer? Think about that for a moment. Just connect your roved and the base automatically grabs the resources and sends them to storage, or melts, or whatever. shouldnt be to difficult to implement considering rover trains already share materials like this.
  11. Hermann

    No Rotating Things Before Placement?

    try C and V keys. 1.0 changed default bindings. But you can change them back if you prefer.
  12. Hermann

    how rwmove the shelter

    As 5 dynamite combined with 2 hydrazine didnt put a dent in mine(made a crater under it though) im guessing you are out of luck😅
  13. Hermann

    Research objects: too good?

    Just knowing it is this easy ruins the experience for many. The idea of artificially restricting yourself and enjoying the resulting playstyle absolutely doesnt work for everyone.
  14. Hermann

    Portable RTG

    What is this trickle charge you speak of? This was only present prior to the excavation update back in 2017 as far as i know. Also, 1A is quite a bit more than a trickle, i would say
  15. Would be handy. But im curious about whats the idea behind how beacons function. From the devs, that is. Is it perhaps a holographic projection right above the beacon? in that case the current behavior makes sense. To me, at least, beacons look more like a light projecting device than anything else. Or maybe its radio based, or there is no such thought behind it, it is just a beacon. and the visual effect we have it just an ui thing with no connection to how the beacon supposedly functions. In which case visibility through clouds would make perfect sense.