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  1. Hermann

    RTGs Too Overpowered

    Couldnt disagree more. If you want your "slow" power sources such as sun, to last, get more batteries. Or just get creative mode. As for nailing it, i gave reasoning. But you are twisting my post. 25th century is no excuse. especially when the design is modeled after current RTG designs.
  2. Hermann

    RTGs Too Overpowered

    +1 - makes other power sources obsolete - Is way to powerful for what it is. Real life RTG = LOW but practically infinite power. Reducing power output to 2 would still be pushing it. But maybe somewhat acceptable. Also consider starting habitat with similar size RTG only gives 1 power. Ok so the dedicated RTG appears slightly beefier so maybe 1.5? Sure, its supposed to be the 25th century or something such and some advancements are to be expected, but that goes for other power sources as well. Realistically, relative to other power sources, the RTG is way to strong.
  3. Powering desolo using only 4 small batteries. Could probably power both gateways at once using the same 4 batteries if i could be bothered running extenders.
  4. Hermann

    Patch 1.0.6 - February 15th, 2019

    Excelent. Keep em coming! 😃
  5. Hermann

    Ways to Send Power Form Planet to Planet

    Cool idea. Any further thought about how it would look and operate? given planetary rotation and what not.
  6. Hermann

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    None that i know of. The general idea seems to be that in order to power the tethers there must be an oxygenator(standard or portable). Even the starting hab doesnt have it installed when you begin and one must manually install it in order for tethers to work. Guessing this is in part to highlight its functionality and importance and make players aware. Mini tutorial sort of.
  7. Hermann

    Building Grid

    +1 also going to link to an older post:
  8. Hermann

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Pretty sure that is not the case. My understanding on what is going on here is as follow: The oxygenator enables the item it is attached to, to interact with tethers. That means supplying oxygen, but also power. All shuttles got a small power supply. Enough to very slowly recharge your backpack, or a small battery attached to the shuttle. Or even run attached research chambers or other modules in super slowmotion. When you remove the oxygenator, you also remove the shuttles ability to supply power to the tether network. If you were to stand right next to the shuttle without tethers, you could add or remove the oxygenator without altering the power supply, as you got direct tetherless connection
  9. Hermann

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    YEah makes no sense. That is a question for the devs i think
  10. Those walls appear when you use alignment mod flatten and start at a distance right? I find them useful And as far as I know, those are walls ALIGNED with gravity, rather than perpendicular to it. Alignment mod flatten tries to do either, depending on which is closer to your camera angle. If you want to start perpendicular to gravity a distance from your astroneer, you need to zoom out max, and angle camera down a bit untill the indicator changes to what you want. Pretty easy to tell when it changes IMO. unless i misunderstood and you are talking about something else ofc 😃 Funny thing about those walls though, they will actually follow the radius to the astroneer and create a cylindrical shape if you stand still and keep building sideways.
  11. I agree that would be a very useful function. I prefer my base to be spherical following the planets surface(constant radius so on) anyway. But functionality would differ enough from current alignment mod that we might need a new mod altogether (or just do away with mods in their current form and instead permanently upgrade the terrain tool and add a way choose functionality on the go, but thats a different topic ) Currently, the alignment mod in flatten mode will align your starting point perpendicular to gravity. But when you extend that flat surface without pausing, it will no longer be perpendicular as it attempts to create a plane surface. straight edge flat. This gives a starting point for those who wants to create a plane surface. If it didnt behave like this, it would be difficult to make a plain surface with its center being perpendicular to gravity, as it would be very difficult, if not impossible to hit the right starting point with the normal flatten mode (CTRL) after unequipping the alignment mod. As loosing this functionality would not be desirable, we would either need a new separate mod, or find a way to combine the two without taking away from either one.
  12. In what way is it not easy? The only issue i am facing at times is sensitivity temporarily getting super high. Wouldnt say that makes it difficult though. just a littlebit annoying. As for multiscreen users, cursor going off screen is something you get used to and quickly pick up on. Cursor is gone, well. you know where it is. just move it back. Regardless, a "lock cursor to screen" option wouldnt hurt.
  13. Hermann

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Other power alternatives would be small generator on a platform stacked with organic. runs a looong time. Or maybe this would give a use for power cells. anyway, point is there is plenty of options. Just gotta plan a littlebit, which isnt unreasonable for your first trip to space!
  14. Hermann

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Actually nights on Desolo arent long enough to suffocate you. Also you can use some wind power to even out the power supply a bit. Add an oxygen tank on top of that and you will be golden. Another alternative, run a few tanks and forget about the oxygenator alltogether, just go back to shuttle to refill every now and then(assuming shuttle still provides oxygen, just not tether oxygen)
  15. Title sais it all. Make research chambers automatically load in new samples or resources from its platform. Also make the trade platform fill automatically to max / available when you choose resource type. Alternatively it will fill only if you do not add any scrap at all. As in trying to send an empty rocket.