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  1. are we there yet?

    Can't get to Deform Speed and Size menus

    ..actually, Z and X arent for the menu, but on the fly adjustments. There is a separate binding for the menu. Default "R". It also requires the terrain tool to be active. Further more, the on the fly adjustments with z/x +mouse wheel does not work while this menu is open. And like before, duplicate bindings also prevents the menu from working. However that can only happen if you already had default keys bound to something else before creative mode was released.
  2. are we there yet?

    Can't get to Deform Speed and Size menus

    Idk works for me. With terrain tool out / active, holding x or z while rolling mouse wheel. duplicate bindings prevents it from working though as i discovered earlier
  3. are we there yet?

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    Simply more slots would satisfy me. so that upgrades such as batteries, o2 tank, wind/solar, terrain tool mods etc can be carried without eating every inventory slot. Currently I tends to get to a point where I can't even carry the materials needed for a print.
  4. are we there yet?

    When are you going to fix the stuttery tetherconnections???

    what, you think i mean to say tethers are a bug?🤣😂
  5. ...As i already had those preset keys bound to something else, creative functions did not work at all!
  6. are we there yet?

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    The jetpack update. Done. rest is filler.
  7. are we there yet?

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Missing those old caves for sure. Maybe both types could coexist?
  8. are we there yet?

    How do I...?

    Find some creative use for them or pester SES to implement platform shredding. Alternatively, play with dynamite, or throw them in a pit somewhere.
  9. are we there yet?

    Ceiling / Alignment mod

    A floor ceiling wouldnt be flat on the ceiling side though. Can flatten it ofc, but getting the right starting point is very tedious if not impossible.
  10. are we there yet?

    Ceiling / Alignment mod

    +1 for aligned ceilings!
  11. are we there yet?

    Alignment mod to make a ceiling

    +1 for aligned ceilings!
  12. are we there yet?

    Ray Tracing

    Would be interesting to see for sure. Though this could be completely unrelated, I did notice some interesting branches on steamdb. Makes me wonder if ses is experimenting with raytracing. Again, could mean something else entirely, but RTX is mentioned several places: If not raytracing, I'd be curious to know the meaning of the acronym in this context 🙂
  13. are we there yet?

    Clean Planets option

    +1 Would love to see this as well. Along with more customization in general.
  14. are we there yet?

    1.1.0 EFT smelter no longer auto starts smelting

    Thats good to know. But where oh where is this mysterious list of known bugs?