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  1. I think a good idea would be to use dynamite to blow up larger items such as vehicles or XL items to give shreddable debris. It would add a nice function to dynamite and allow us to easily break down larger items for the XL Shredder, including shuttles and vehicles.
  2. Summary: When loading a save that had a trade platform in use, it will return with compound and some scrap and not the resource requested. Scrap may be lost if more than 8 comes back. Description: I saved in the middle of the trade platform being used, and when i loaded the game the platform brought back 6 compound and 2 scrap, assuming that I lost 1 scrap in the process. I was attempting to get hematite before I saved, and didn't realize the trade platform hadn't returned yet. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.9
  3. Hey SES. Just wanted to let you know that Novus shares the same icon with Vesania when in space, but the Astropedia has it correct. -SDK