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  1. Came up with a slightly better design for the torso portion of the mech. you are welcome to do the same.Mech design for Astroneer.tif
  2. New Canvas.sai i appologise for shoddy artwork its my first time using a graphics pad so forgive me.
  3. I think the mech would be a great addition with the possibility of other extreme hazards on planets the meh could be a self sustainedvway to move around the planet even if during storms it needs to "hunker down" during high winds or to protect from rocks hitting it. the mech could either run on solar power wind power or a combination like bases and rovers do .
  4. maybe multiple "legs" such as bipedal for sprinting and exploration tasks, quadrupedal for cave eploring in those big caverns maybe able to cling to walls and navigate terrain impassible on foot , and tracks/wheels for moving large loads perhaps with a wider torso option available with more slots. maybe the mech could even be an extension of the player allowing them to use a upgraded terrain tool which would be attachable or optional.
  5. that would be pretty awesome. if it could have an ai to defend you or run to your aide when needed that would make the game much more interesting
  6. that would be amazing, how cool would it be to explore with the mech being used to scale large mountains that rovers simply cant scale, such as using winches or a jetpack or even brute climbing power.
  7. the inclusion of mech like suits could add more of a variation to players way of mining allowing us to explore caves safetly and able to ward off dangerous creatures without guns or particular violent aspects. the arms could have tier 2 connections able to fit drills, winchs, and even hands capable of picking up structures or other vehicals for relocation. not many games incorporate mechs but i think astroneer would be preety amazing with a customisable mech. as for requirements for building the mech they could be either rare resources of the components could be only accessable through the printer forcing players to have to work for their reward and feeling like a significant asset to our expeditions around the worlds.
  8. Mechs and walker brainstorms.