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  1. PokeFan05

    Zoom mode

    not exactly.... my idea is that you can zoom on a planat while you are in space zu you can land more predictabel on the planat. But your idea is also not that bad Edit: I just read your idea and understand now that it is the same so......... im sorry ? xd
  2. PokeFan05

    Zoom mode

  3. PokeFan05

    Zoom mode

    I play this game already since a long time an i always had problems with the landing on plants ,becaus i cant really decide where to land in my base (if i have more than only one vehicle bays). So I thought that you guys can maybe add a zoom mode when you are in space you you can decide better where you want to land and not land in one of you buggys or another shuttle . It would help alot and I think it would be much better. Thanks for reading and I hope that you´ll make this possible.
  4. PokeFan05

    Solar- and windsystem

    what do you want to say with that ?
  5. PokeFan05

    Solar- and windsystem

    Maybe you could make a solar- and/or windsystem wich has to be made on the extra large platform a and costs 1 titanium alloy, 1 copper and 1 glass . I really hope that you could make this happen ?
  6. PokeFan05

    bugi inventory

    Hey. I just found a bug that is really annoying. I play astroneer on steam and in this save I am on the raidiated planet and the hologramms of the craftingarea of my inventory a shacking like crazy. I hope you can fix this. 2018-10-22 18-49-03.mp4
  7. PokeFan05

    creative mode

    I wolud really like it ,if you could make a creativ mode where you have allready unlocked every blueprint and have unlimited mateials. It would be super awsome if you could make this hapen ?