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  1. But it's too bright, I can hardly see my white pointer in the bright snow and the sky of Glacio.
  2. +1, yes we need this, even for power generators, they should switch on if any of the machines actually need power and back off if the machine stops working, but they don't do that instead they continue the waste away the organic or chomped they are running on and the power is wasted.
  3. Very true, they need to make sure the colour is visible ,maybe add a contrasting colour to each planet ,idk but on glacio I struggle a lot to find my white pointer.
  4. Groundwork Update is expected to be released next week - Paver#1 Paver#2 New drill and paver UI Medium Canisters#1 Medium Canisters#2 New Halloween flora#1 New Halloween flora#2 New tab with an Erlenmeyer flask Horn Medium Buggy Horn Limited Time Customisations Coming soon You can only find Spooky Squash during the event
  5. I can completely agree with SES_Adam, different users want different things in the game, they are trying their best to keep up t everyone's expectations, anyway I have more leeks from today's stream -
  6. Lol I did not find it but I am guessing it will contain the most bytes, lets find it(I think it is found on atrox). The competition begins!! Also does Atrox have those Exo dynamic research aids? Idk.
  7. +1, cool ideas, I love how you use different stuff like cameras to take photos and probes to scan stuff, very nice concept, love it.
  8. +1, so its basically like the Subnautica hover bike with some changes obviously (like not to copy Subnautica or something ,but the pic just gives an idea and they can convert it to make it look more astroneerish), I would love it in the game.
  9. I also think they contain the most bytes, well we gotta work harder, let us find it out bois, we gotta a research pod to find, lets goooo.....
  10. Those are artificial research pods, so I think they should be found in those Exo-dynamic Research aid on Atrox.
  11. You got these @The Touch of Grey Gamer? (Sorry for the low res btw)
  12. New leek everybody - Halloween even confirmed @Killtech what do you think about the horns though?
  13. @The Touch of Grey Gamer, you saw this? How come no one is excited? No comments?
  14. My bad I miss-understood your question, let me make it clear, the jetpack won't provide power to anything. It's just a jetpack, sorry for the confusion.
  15. @shadowolfprince, have a look at the roadmap to know more about the future updates
  16. How does the jetpack produce power to the backpack? Did you find a bug or something? Its a jetpack that lets you fly around not produce power.
  17. I know just control you excitement ,this might be one of the most unexpected leeks.These leeks are form the dev stream. The first one is about The medium truck horn, yea a medium truck horn, you heard me right, I thought the horns mentioned in the roadmap would be a small feature that would be inbuilt into the rover but nope they made it into a specialised recreational item. I am okay with it, maybe we will have another mission where we will have to use them to open up something I guess? The second one is cooler actually, its about air controls, in the clip you can see Aaron and Joe flexing on some cool rover stuff using air controls. Yep that's all for now. (Click on the red coloured text, incase you missed it) Here is the link to their stream -
  18. Yes ,but I would recommend you to use an oxygen tank so that you won't have to stop often to fill up your oxygen tank. If you are using jetpack for long journeys then I would recommend you to take these items- 1 or 2 Extra oxygen tank(s) Small power generator Battery Obviously the jetpack and the portable oxygenator By this you fill 6 slots on your backpack.