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  1. Idk how well it would fit into the game, but I love killtechs reply in this same post.
  2. +1, I very much agree to your suggestion, I would have loved to increase the soil capacity of the soil centrifuge by using medium canister. If not at least the soil centrifuge should have an option to repeat a process of centrifuging a resource, so that we can let the small canister pull soil from the medium canister and then repeatedly deposit the soil into the centrifuge.
  3. Wait that's illegal, you pinged a mod, but I guess its okay since they would have turned off pings.
  4. Not yet, but I think the update will include optimisation and performance improvisation since its going out on PS4 too, I hope they include it, I would love to play astroneer in the best possible settings but the current version does not let me do that unless I wan to play at <30fps.
  5. A new leek about The Creative Update!!!
  6. Maybe using a horn can help you avoid the effects of flora on you, the plants get paralysed temporarily by the sound of your horn.Using your horn the mutated plants start dancing to the sound, maybe not dancing completely but at least some waving or something like that, the type of the horn can also control the mood of your mutated plants, playing a buggy horn can st hell loose and your plants go mad to that sound and using your backpack horn can calm them down and slowly start moving lett and right as if they are enjoying it.Maybe we can also scare the Wanderer out of his portal by honking the shit out of him, so that we can tie him up and ask questions about where is he from and how to use a portal and why he needs to take a picture of me? I am shy ok, especially in front of cameras.What do you guys think? Also there are 6 horns you can find ,3 are printable and 3 you have to find them on broken rovers usually
  7. @The Touch of Grey Gamer what's your name on discord? Are in the Atroneer discord server? I have seen this before on discord, that is why I was asking. I love that video btw, especially how used those winches for disco lights.
  8. I think it is a good idea, they can even extend it with gases too.
  9. I like you item sorter, wish there was an option to fill silos with a particular resource(s) only.
  10. If this was reddit, you would have been downvoted to hell for spamming those unwanted emojis.
  11. @Killtech, I love that idea, Magnets can be used a lot more than just attracting debris ,maybe we can use it to craft an actual compass and other stuff like that but I love your idea of transporting junk.
  12. This post is from 2018, why are you here? Anyway welcome to the Forum, its nice to have you here, hope you come here and post often.
  13. Lowest level of Glacio I think (99% sure) and I am not sure if its on Atrox too, the pic is not mine btw.
  14. Well, your wish, I though you liked collecting, I also think the other 3 you have to find sound much better than the buggy Horn.
  15. Wow not guns, not turrets ,not weapons but the ultimate destructive weapon ,NUKES??? Why I ask, just why, what did your poor planet do to get nuked.
  16. Nice and why are you not wearing the spooky suit and visor? It looks so cool, the visor.
  17. Did you know there are 6 horns, 3 you can print 3 you have to find in the wilderness.
  18. @The Touch of Grey Gamer 12000 bytes, nanocarbon.
  19. LOL, planetgasm? But if we take the game seriously, any new player would be surprised seeing the shuttle go through planets. I don't think that will make a good impression on the game.
  20. Maybe a holographic sign would fit perfectly to the game style.
  21. We need an item to cut down things into smaller shred-able parts like a laser cutter, this shredded part can later be put into the same large shredder as usual to get scrap. Think we have way too many sizes for the shredder, 2 should have been enough, small and extra large. What do you guys think, should I ping the devs? @ SES_Adam ?
  22. +1 very nice idea, also it can be used to deposit all your backpack contents to the storage you are holding.
  23. Or at least let us use it against the Wanderer and scare him out of his portal, so that we could kidnap him and ask more questions about where he came from and what is the portal and how can we use it. HONK HONK