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  1. Very cool update SES, I will make something for the SES Team
  2. Guys this is probably one of the best thing about the creative update, @The Touch of Grey Gamer, @Killtech, @Mio
  3. You won't be getting Play station visor, but I think Xbox visor is much better than Playstation's.
  4. One last leek, it looks like a homage to BOB ROSS, @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  5. How Astroneer looks on PS4 menu - PS4 and Xbox exclusive cosmetics - PS4 suit - Creative mode features - Next stream is on Thursday night!! - I am sad that PC gamers did not get any exclusive suit or any cosmetic
  6. I can agree with you but for now the exclusive stuff we(PC players) get is better frame rates and less bugs than console players.
  7. I haven't even started collecting them ,yes they disappear after the next update, 15th Nov. Shit only 4 days to go
  8. +1, love this idea. Also welcome to the forums, I hope you have a nice time in the forums and keep posting frequently
  9. +1 I can agree with all your point and yes it is very frustrating to create walls with corners, I would love to have these tools too.
  10. I too had this type of idea, nicely explained, love the idea, +1
  11. IKR, the resource looks so good, it is shiny and looks more precious than a diamond too, I see loads of them but then I will be like why to bother collecting them if they have no use.
  12. Lol, hats are soo out of Astroneer's style. Even I thought the same, I don't like it. But I guess it was made to be only a PS4 exclusive only, let us just appreciate the effort and move on.
  13. uhh what? what does that mean? *Insert "is that some kind of personal attack or something" meme
  14. Well there are more - Cross-platform is being explored for Steam, Xbox & PS4 - 8 Players on Servers and Admin Controls coming soon - @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  15. New leeks Super tool - Creative mode colour selection - God mode - Terrain Anchor - Goodbye desync - Another random leek -
  16. I bring you some bad news and some good news Dedicated servers had to be delayed. They're planned for December now (as a beta). Full rollout in 2020. See the follow-up clips. Good news is that we can host our own servers -
  17. Uhh its the farthest planet from sun, I think you messed it up. But yeah ,atria is fun with all those hazardous plants I can play with (catch me if you can), also the resources are abundant too, and the research is top notch
  18. I wish that was true but we have already got many palettes and visors for suits that the PS4 won't be able to get, I hope some day we too would get custom suits. Also isn't your profile pic a tabby slime from Slime rancher? And welcome to the Astroneer forums
  19. Go here and type wallpaper in the search bar, you find a ton of wallpapers.
  20. Oh lol, I can totally imagine that ,it would be bizarre. Let me give some of my ideas, If they add upgrades then they could add pockets which has 1 slot, then a slot on the helmet where we can attach a work light or a flood light, then an upgrade for the catalogue which will have a mini map with the compass and also it will produce 10 bytes per 50 steps taken, then the upgrade for the backpack will also give it a bigger oxygen tank and more battery capacity. You can add on to these ideas if you any more or replace them too.
  21. Uhh yeah November 15 is the next update which will include servers ,but they did not leek anything yet on the next update.