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  1. @Killtech I totally agree to your suggestion, you know we should have some factor which would limit us from building more RTGs its a total game hacker changer. We should have some problems caused by the RTGs or a special resource which is extremely rare like Astronium should be used and made more rare than it is presently available, this also gives a proper use for Astronium. OR The problems caused by RTGs could be that it gives radioactive waste which can make the plants in some radius go wild aggressive and you can enter that region with a special suit or something else you slowly die.
  2. I think that it is time we build the vehicle part by part ,like think about it how can we simply build a whole rover with few resources ,the follows are some of the ideas that I would love to see in the game- This is for the medium and large rovers only as these need late game resources- The Wheel - made out of rubber The batteries on the sides of the vehicles - Lithium The axles of the wheels - compound Flood lights or the work light should also be inbuilt into the rover instead of attaching them later as headlights. Aluminium alloy is required as it gives the basic structure of the rover and maybe it could also include plastic. Next for the buggies ,the trailer and the tractor- Since these are used in the early game these would require early game resources an di think the current reciepie is good enough. I think that this would not be that hard to implement into the game since we actually find some of these as broken parts as scrap, they can use the same version to attach them to the rover and build the complete part by part rover. What do you guys think about this idea?
  3. First of all why would plant so many plants, they currently have no use other than the achievement and for decoration.
  4. You know what we need for silos? we need a way to store soil in them ,only then will they make more sense to be called as silos.
  5. Not a bad idea, but then if they are made heavier then their speed also has to increase, also about the compass while driving feature might be added in the upcoming updates like THE WANDERER updater.
  6. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 10_18_2018 7_29_54 PM_Trim.mp4 This did not happen on Terran. I am on Tundra. Is this only happening to me? or any one else please fix this up team in the release update. look at this video while I am smoothening my floor there is a gap that appears which I cannot fill from far and I have to go near it to fill it up. Pls help .