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  1. As much as I want storms added back, we won't be getting them anytime soon, Joe confirmed that in Z1 live stream from PAX.
  2. This is the proof of true flat, this happen only when you achieve the flattest of the flat surfaces.
  3. This update is actually good even though it has no new additions to the game, this was the kind of update we were all looking for, the hot swap is really cool too.
  4. There is a lot next, we will mostly be having an update by the end of this month, which will mainly include many performance improvements and bug fixes and other stuff too- 1.There will be another closed dedicated server beta test within the next week or so.PUBLIC RELEASE of dedicated servers is anticipated within the first 3 months of this year. 2.True Flat Part 1 is coming in the January 2020 Update!! 3.The January update will also be focused on multiplayer and single player performance. 4.Platform shredding is 100% coming. #ShredAllTheThings 5.January: Performance & True Flat. February: Creative Update part 2 6.And it turns out that we have finally reached the goal in the holiday event, CONGRATULATIONS!! 7.There are many more stuff that Joe talked during Z1's stream, you can go check it out. Gina made a list of the stuff they talked in the comment section (Thanks to her patience) So yeah that's it for now, stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Astroneer updates
  5. Still no use for Astronium but its fine, I am going to enjoy this event. Thank you System Era for this community event :)
  6. TBH, I would like methane generators over RTGs, because they at least need to be extracted from the atmosphere, RTGs are overpowered since they produce infinite amount of power, I like your idea, +1.
  7. Lol unlimited power huh? I see what you did there.
  8. Lol, I like this one, +1.
  9. +1 Very cool ideas, there have been many requests and posts likes this one ,I hope the devs make storms and stuff you have mentioned into a higher priority hopefully. I too made something like yours long back
  10. +1 Nice thinking, I would love an inbuilt floodlight into the crane.
  11. Overall a nice idea, but the main purpose of the game is not to play soccer, races ,chess but to explore the world, the recreational item are just for a part time fun not the game itself but some of the above ideas can be implemented into the game, so +1.
  12. Anyway more leeks for you guys True Flat Testing - Cross-Platform play is still in the works - New deform modes are coming soon - A First Person/Nose Mode is being worked on - Space snails - The Dedicated Server Beta will be starting in the next week or so -
  13. Aww, thanks , I am just doing this because I like the game and I would like to help them the best I can. It's not the mods its System Era being a bit ignorant ,its fine they will learn.
  14. Lol, its unfortunately true, see more about hats here -
  15. So I am back, with new leeks Not the trade platform, it is something else - Hats, yes our nightmares are coming true - @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  16. We have asked for it and i think the devs said they are thinking about this, but I really want this feature, +1.
  17. Try dynamite, the only solution for all your problems.
  18. Also if you guys notice you can see the medium storage with some spooky squash research samples. Do you have those? Has anyone tried researching it instantly?
  19. This is my Pergola (not in creative mode btw), Please mention if you have used Creative mode or if it is done in Survival mode. ASTRONEER 2019-11-14 21-54-30.mp4
  20. For all those who asked for the medium wind turbine