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  1. 3 hours ago, Jay DJ said:


    10 chess boards wide X 11 tall 

    110 boards x 64 on each board = 7040 pixels/terrain analysers 

    took about a week in creative 


    Oh I seem to have overestimated, it looked like it was wayyyyy more taller than wider, omg a week?
    Also I don't think we should be talking here, this only for Artworks.

  2. 20 hours ago, Jay DJ said:

    some astroneer pixel art 




    Deserves an award or at least some appreciation, seriously amazing. How long did it take? Looks really good. Whats the resolution btw, is it something close to 500*100 slots?

  3. 14 hours ago, KuKu43 said:

    As topic says we need constellations. Not much but like one in the north pole and one in the south pole for navigation purposes + some realistic. Example: ursa minor(polaris) in the north pole and crux in the south pole or any other constellations which easy to remember and navigate by stars in those..

    P.S. Not english native :/

    Welcome to the forums btw :) 
    Good idea, I would love finding stuff like constellations, like in the Christmas update we had aurora borealis at 
    North Poles on all the planets, it was cool.

  4. 3 hours ago, Bron said:

    goddamn it, proven wrong again....... when will i learn?

    carry on, TMarcher74, you clearly have more patience and imagination than I. kudos!

    Lol I kinda rage quit Astroneer recently when I realised that you can't remove large shelters even in creative mode, I was working on a large creative map. I had done the base part with all true flat and stuff and then I put up the shelter thinking I can adjust it later to be surprised that you can't do anything to them even though you were in creative so I was like I am done here, so talking about the patience part I probably lost all of mine.

  5. 20 hours ago, Bron said:

    wow, that's....that's so..... FLAT. and kinda boring.

    it's perverse that something so dull and featureless can only be crafted in a mode named 'creative'.

    cant say the quest for true flat has ever turned me on. but hey, whatever floats your icebarge, i guess.

    Its not boring, you can make so many cool stuffs with true flat, the one in the pic is just for showing its true flat, let me give you an example to show you the true power of true flat -

  6. 8 hours ago, crazymachinefan said:

    Slap a seat on a platform to give it the ability to walk around! Slowly. Uselessly slow. I was thinking it would be good for repositioning or aligning more precisely. It would work regardless of whether or not it was anchored by power cables.

    Lol, it would be so weird.

  7. Nice idea, +1, but this should be an optional feature since the game already consumes a lot of FPS, but other than that it would be really cool to have this. I doubt SES will see this though, I mean its a very minute detail but it does a huge difference to the gameplay. Hope they see this post.

  8. On 2/13/2020 at 11:51 PM, Thalber said:

    PROBLEM: almost any terrain affected by player actions looks ugly and bland, contrasting too much with the surrounding landscape. The longer you stay at the base, the uglier its surroundings get. This is by most part caused by one simple thing: there is no plant left. Vegetation is a significant part of each planet's unique look, and when you remove it, the feel of the planet is removed as well.

    This may be a purely personal thing, but I don't like destroying things, especially those which are pretty. I am sure some players would understand this.

    Very true, +1

    Honestly vegetation regrowing would be an awesome part of the game but I am afraid it might be exploited for organic, I wish trees had seeds too. 
    I also don't like the fact that they simply disappear if you deform the ground near them.

    On 2/13/2020 at 11:51 PM, Thalber said:


      • Research cost: 2500 bytes, craft cost: 1 zink, same as any other augment.
      • When installed, inhibits terrain deformation, instead planting vegetation native to currently selected terrain type.
      • If a terrain analyzer is attached, vegetation is picked for the type in it, and if there is no analyzers active, vegetation is picked for the type under the cursor.
      • May use organics to plant vegetation that can be re-collected again, or may only consume energy and plant visual-only grass/shrooms. Both options can be implemented at the same time (in this case, the augment would have a slot for organics on top of it, that can be filled for planting of "true" foliage).
      • Deformation speed (drill augments) are applied, affecting planting speed.
        • Possible alternative use: placement of any types of ores and resources purely for decoration purposes.
    2. CONSUMABLE ITEM: Spicy spores
      • Research cost: 700 bytes, craft cost: 1 organics
      • Can be placed on the ground and then activated, or activated from the backpack.
      • When used, covers the surrounding area with grass native to terrain type. When dug, this grass gives a maximum of 75% of one organics item, or gives back nothing at all It's cheap anyways.
    3. TOOL: Terraintegrator
      • Research cost: 2000 bytes, craft cost: 1 aluminium alloy.
      • Has a resource slot on the top.
      • Can be activated from the backpack or after being placed on the ground, rapidly consumes 15 bars of energy before activation.
      • When used, plants selected resource (mainly organics) into ground/walls in a small radius, not burying its chunks deep and without any resource losses.
      • This one is the most obvious. A special TT mode that allows you to place down all kinds of resource deposits, including grass. Should have been added along with creative mode itself, if you ask me.


    I would really love to have these items in game, the soil from the planet will be the main factor for the type of vegetation, seriously very cool ideas man, good thinking :)

  9. 8 hours ago, Wyvyrias said:

    That is in fact an option that has been mentioned. #JoeTime will show where this all will go soon enough.

    Will be waiting

    50 minutes ago, The Power Of Grayskull said:

    You can't really have an open discussion about a specific topic without a forum. I'd say reddit, but upvotes determine what is even seen by everyone on there, and there's no organization, so it's not a perfect system even then. Worst part about this place being taken down would be my losing my goofy name and pofile pic 🥺 lol

    And also people on reddit want to be entertained/amazed/hyped by the posts ,they do not want to give their ideas (at least not all of them).

    9 hours ago, vvhorus said:

     This forum, like the game, has so much potential, but the lack of interest from the devs, especially the ones in charge of the forums, is eye-opening.

    SES_Joe be like - Who you talking to? Me?

    9 hours ago, vvhorus said:

    New players come to the forums looking for answers, and their questions might not be answered for days, potentially, because the system is set up to funnel everyone towards Discord...

    Very true, also when you write an email you will receive a message asking you to check the forums if the issue/idea has already been posted, pretty much looses the whole point if the forums is not in good shape.


    On 2/10/2020 at 2:03 PM, SES_Adam said:

    Thanks for the post :)I'll pass this along to others on the team, especially about updating the forum with some of those requests and what's under our capacity to manage.

    For the suggestions shared here:  we do read them, for what it's worth. While our team is primarily active on our Discord but we do see and talk a lot about things found else where, including here. We also read Discord, Twitter, Reddit, IG, etc. but I think the challenge is the capacity of those on the team to respond to everything they see. We just can't, but we do try to respond to things we see that we want to follow-up on.

    Thanks again for shining a light on some things you all are hoping from us. I'll be sure to share this thread as well, for folks to see.

    But anyway SES_Adam is doing his best, maybe we should stop forcing/pushing them anymore than we have already asked them to, I think we might overdoing it. It's up-to them now if they want to do anything with the forums (felt bad, sorry).

  10. New leeks, sorry I am late, many of you probably saw these already -

    Also we had 15 Dedicated beta servers running successfully today hosted by the SES team, yes that is some good news (more info at discord)

  11. 6 minutes ago, vvhorus said:

    Hence, the magnet idea. SES could also make a "magnetic beam" mod for the terrain tool so we don't have to pick up every tiny individual scrap piece, but, since the small/medium shredders can only do one piece at  a time (2 with the big shredder), this magnet mod idea might be a waste of development time unless we get something to dump the pieces in. So many possibilities.

    I agree, the whole scrap collection mechanic sucks, for lack of a better word. That's why I don't even bother with it.

    I like your scrap cube idea very much. It's very elegant. The laser cutter seems like a good idea, but I don't know how SES would implement it, or if they even have the resources to pull off something like that...

    This has the potential to introduce a whole new item!!  
    - Magnetite ore
    This magnetite ore can be smelted or has to worked in the chemistry lab to give you magnets.
    It can introduce us to new items like the compass and the "magnetic beam" mod !!

    Also thank you 😊 for the kind words

  12. 7 hours ago, The Power Of Grayskull said:

    Truth of the matter is, Online Forums are dying in general, activity on forums as a whole is dying, it ain't like the 80's, 90's, and 00's anymore where they were king. Seems like people have gravitated to Reddit, Twitter, and Discord to replace forums. It's not a change I condemn either, it's just a new age. Pretty spiffy one at that, might I add.

    Sadly the truth.

  13. 7 hours ago, EmeraldGamerr said:

    I love this idea!

    I think a new "compacter" machine would be pretty cool

    This would solve the need to constantly have a shredder 1 tier larger than the largest in-game item, hence why we can't shred rockets... Yet!

    Think of this: You no longer need that old small shuttle, but its too big to shred by itself, so what now? Well, you can place it in the compacter to compact it into smaller cubes. The more scrap-able items you provide, the larger the compact cube will be; ex: a large shuttle will be a 2 slot cube, allowing you to place another large shuttle or two small shuttles

    What about those weird items that only give you 2/3 of a cube? Well, I have two solutions:

    1: the compacter works similar to the shredder where you cant remove a compact cube until it is finished (maybe you can select the size of cube to produce with a slider) or just add more smaller items

    2: Maybe the compacter works similar to a packager where its just a small place-able you can snap onto an object and it squeezes it into a small cube. You might also be able to combine two compact cubes (to an extent) and create a larger cube

    Then once the cube is made (the largest being a large compact cube) you put it into the large shredder and it gives you scrap as usual

    Image result for wall e cube gif

    Idk, but I know SE will be interested in such a concept because I remember them highlighting the fact that if they were to add larger tier shredders, they might need to create a printer one tier larger to print it because the large printer can only print such a large shredder

    Oh that gif defines my whole explanation, thank you for that gif, couldn't have shown it better, I hope SES sees this, idk if they would consider it though as you said.

  14. 9 hours ago, Flyingcrowbar said:

    I have mentioned a Plasma cutter or Cutting torch before on several occasions, so I like your Laser cutter idea alot! I also like the idea of having a machine that would take "raw" scrap/debris and form it into easily transportable chunks that could be processed with the shredder to make "processed" scrap for loading onto the trade rocket. In your process, could the "raw" scrap still be processed by the shredder into "processed" scrap, or would everything need to go through the "intermediate" processor before it could be put into the shredder? Could some items still go straight into the shredder, but others would need the new processor in order to meet their final demise?   

    First of all thank you for your reply :)

    Everything does not have to go through the "intermediate" process, the intermediate process is just to help for the transportation of scrap that is littered around or that is of very less value but if combined with other scrap to form cubes of scrap, it would make transferring them back to base much easier too.

  15. Okay let me make my idea clear, first of all this idea is completely a new way to scrap things in Astroneer, my idea will require new items too.

    • A machine attached to the front of the rover or placed on a platform, which would suck in scrap (if scrap is present at the mouth of the machine), this machine's function is to ingulf the scrap(like a harvester does to the fields) and then form huge cubes out of the scrap, these cubes can be fitted onto 2 slots only and can later be transported back to the base to finally be scrapped using the shredder. This machine cannot scrap stuff that is still in working conditions, to scrap them you will need a new too...
    • A laser cutter, yes now we are talking about advance stuff, this cutter is used to destroy items which are too big for the machine above and also for items that are in proper working condition, the damaged scrap you get from this has to be put into the machine above.

    This system of shredding makes more sense than the current one we have, what do you guys think about this idea, feel free to share your feedbacks and ideas :D
     @Killtech @vvhorus @The Touch of Grey Gamer

  16. On 2/3/2020 at 7:29 PM, Killtech said:

    Well, such things always depend of the lobbing from the players. the more topic of storms keep getting brought up and being discussed the sooner the devs will have to rethinking their position. but obviously their reintroduction will not be just switching on the old code - it requires some refining, performance improvements and a better integration into the gameplay such that they become more meaningful then just a time-killing nuisance in the late game. in other words: design and development time. so yeah, that makes them unlikely to appear too soon.

    Only if they listened to us. Are the devs active on the forums recently? I don't think so, nothing has changed much since I was last active(I haven't been active in a while). But yeah, I'll be waiting for the day they actually listen to their fanbase.


    On 2/3/2020 at 10:25 PM, vvhorus said:

    If the devs haven't done anything to add storms by now, there must be a reason for it. Maybe it's not feasible to incorporate the old code for storms with the newer Terrain 2.0 code, like you mentioned. Not compatible, perhaps, so they'll have to create new code from scratch? Time will tell. One thing I hope is that if they add them in the future, they should come with an option to disable and tweak their intensity...

    I can agree with you, Astronneer has a lot of potential, I just wish it wouldn't be wasted away.