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  1. Oh I seem to have overestimated, it looked like it was wayyyyy more taller than wider, omg a week? Also I don't think we should be talking here, this only for Artworks.
  2. Deserves an award or at least some appreciation, seriously amazing. How long did it take? Looks really good. Whats the resolution btw, is it something close to 500*100 slots?
  3. Welcome to the forums btw Good idea, I would love finding stuff like constellations, like in the Christmas update we had aurora borealis at North Poles on all the planets, it was cool.
  4. Yes Btw wish we had a proper place to share maps, maybe a separate tab in the game containing "popular community maps"?
  5. +1 I always believe that Astronium should have a special use than the other materials and should be used for something special rather than being wasted on research. So I do appreciate these ideas
  6. Lol I kinda rage quit Astroneer recently when I realised that you can't remove large shelters even in creative mode, I was working on a large creative map. I had done the base part with all true flat and stuff and then I put up the shelter thinking I can adjust it later to be surprised that you can't do anything to them even though you were in creative so I was like I am done here, so talking about the patience part I probably lost all of mine.
  7. Welp!! I missed the e-mail, my bad, as usual SES_Marc answered to the e-mail when I had given up hope of getting any reply but damn they actually did it. Thank you @SES_Marc
  8. Its not boring, you can make so many cool stuffs with true flat, the one in the pic is just for showing its true flat, let me give you an example to show you the true power of true flat -
  9. Nice idea, +1, but this should be an optional feature since the game already consumes a lot of FPS, but other than that it would be really cool to have this. I doubt SES will see this though, I mean its a very minute detail but it does a huge difference to the gameplay. Hope they see this post.
  10. Very true, +1 Honestly vegetation regrowing would be an awesome part of the game but I am afraid it might be exploited for organic, I wish trees had seeds too. I also don't like the fact that they simply disappear if you deform the ground near them. I would really love to have these items in game, the soil from the planet will be the main factor for the type of vegetation, seriously very cool ideas man, good thinking
  11. Will be waiting And also people on reddit want to be entertained/amazed/hyped by the posts ,they do not want to give their ideas (at least not all of them). SES_Joe be like - Who you talking to? Me? Very true, also when you write an email you will receive a message asking you to check the forums if the issue/idea has already been posted, pretty much looses the whole point if the forums is not in good shape. But anyway SES_Adam is doing his best, maybe we should stop forcing/pushing them anymore than we have already asked them to, I think we might overdoing it. It's up-to them now if they want to do anything with the forums (felt bad, sorry).
  12. New leeks, sorry I am late, many of you probably saw these already - Also we had 15 Dedicated beta servers running successfully today hosted by the SES team, yes that is some good news (more info at discord)
  13. This has the potential to introduce a whole new item!! - Magnetite ore This magnetite ore can be smelted or has to worked in the chemistry lab to give you magnets. It can introduce us to new items like the compass and the "magnetic beam" mod !! Also thank you for the kind words
  14. Okay that's cool, at least we have a dev hinting about the future updates, I gotta note this down. Navigation update - ✔︎
  15. Yep that would work too, but I just wanted to say that the current system of transporting scrap back to the base is really annoying and takes a lot of time to get those teeny tiny scrap.
  16. Only in creative mode for now and I think it is possible on other planets too.
  17. Oh that gif defines my whole explanation, thank you for that gif, couldn't have shown it better, I hope SES sees this, idk if they would consider it though as you said.
  18. First of all thank you for your reply Everything does not have to go through the "intermediate" process, the intermediate process is just to help for the transportation of scrap that is littered around or that is of very less value but if combined with other scrap to form cubes of scrap, it would make transferring them back to base much easier too.
  19. Okay let me make my idea clear, first of all this idea is completely a new way to scrap things in Astroneer, my idea will require new items too. A machine attached to the front of the rover or placed on a platform, which would suck in scrap (if scrap is present at the mouth of the machine), this machine's function is to ingulf the scrap(like a harvester does to the fields) and then form huge cubes out of the scrap, these cubes can be fitted onto 2 slots only and can later be transported back to the base to finally be scrapped using the shredder. This machine cannot scrap stuff that is still in working conditions, to scrap them you will need a new too... A laser cutter, yes now we are talking about advance stuff, this cutter is used to destroy items which are too big for the machine above and also for items that are in proper working condition, the damaged scrap you get from this has to be put into the machine above. This system of shredding makes more sense than the current one we have, what do you guys think about this idea, feel free to share your feedbacks and ideas @Killtech @vvhorus @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  20. Only if they listened to us. Are the devs active on the forums recently? I don't think so, nothing has changed much since I was last active(I haven't been active in a while). But yeah, I'll be waiting for the day they actually listen to their fanbase. I can agree with you, Astronneer has a lot of potential, I just wish it wouldn't be wasted away.