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  1. I know just control you excitement ,this might be one of the most unexpected leeks.These leeks are form the dev stream. The first one is about The medium truck horn, yea a medium truck horn, you heard me right, I thought the horns mentioned in the roadmap would be a small feature that would be inbuilt into the rover but nope they made it into a specialised recreational item. I am okay with it, maybe we will have another mission where we will have to use them to open up something I guess? The second one is cooler actually, its about air controls, in the clip you can see Aaron and Joe flexing on some cool rover stuff using air controls. Yep that's all for now. (Click on the red coloured text, incase you missed it) Here is the link to their stream -
  2. Actually plants don't attack us when we are in rovers.
  3. I am not complaining, in fact I love a bright Glacio than one with low sunlight, but in the game they should change the low sunlight to medium sunlight. Maybe they can give a scientific reason too, like due to the ice formation they sunlight gets reflected and refracted a lot of times which gives the bright nature to glacio, what do you guys think? Because every time I look up I can see the sun but the solar power is very low, how?
  4. New leek everybody - Halloween even confirmed @Killtech what do you think about the horns though?
  5. @The Touch of Grey Gamer, you saw this? How come no one is excited? No comments?
  6. TMarcher74

    Jetpack/Portable Oxygenator

    My bad I miss-understood your question, let me make it clear, the jetpack won't provide power to anything. It's just a jetpack, sorry for the confusion.
  7. TMarcher74

    creative mode

    @shadowolfprince, have a look at the roadmap to know more about the future updates
  8. Pls no DLC, I would like it with the current game.
  9. TMarcher74

    Jetpack/Portable Oxygenator

    How does the jetpack produce power to the backpack? Did you find a bug or something? Its a jetpack that lets you fly around not produce power.
  10. TMarcher74

    If Glacio has low sunlight why is it so bright?

    My bad, sorry. Yes I think it has low wind too
  11. Okay this is the stream link not that link -
  12. TMarcher74

    Jetpack/Portable Oxygenator

    Yes ,but I would recommend you to use an oxygen tank so that you won't have to stop often to fill up your oxygen tank. If you are using jetpack for long journeys then I would recommend you to take these items- 1 or 2 Extra oxygen tank(s) Small power generator Battery Obviously the jetpack and the portable oxygenator By this you fill 6 slots on your backpack.
  13. TMarcher74

    If Glacio has low sunlight why is it so bright?

    Yes I can agree with that but then Atrox being more father than Glacio has better solar power.
  14. TIL, I dint know that, but I too add Tundra problems in pre-alpha version, you could not flatten the ground easily ,there used to be gaps created, but I was not on the pole for sure.
  15. Hydrazine - It is given too much use, used in thrusters, making graphene, used in jetpacks. They should not be used in making graphene as it makes no sense, and is best used as a fuel, also since ammonium is a little hard to find and the soil centrifuge does not offer a fair trade with 2 canisters of soil. Zinc - It is found on almost every planet and in very large quantities but it is used in making the augmented tools and the medium battery that's all, I find sphalerite almost everywhere in the caves of Sylva and some other planets too. Diamond - It is only used in making level 3 drills for both rovers and terrain tool. Given its lustrous and non-breakable property it is not used a lot. Astronium - Literally has no use, ever since they reduced the byte rate ,it has become even more useless. What are your thoughts on these usability of these resources, do you have anything else on your mind? Comment down
  16. Credit to @Morse for idea on removing hyrdrazine from the graphene recipe.
  17. +1, I would like if they make it alphabetical order at least.
  18. Okay when we start off a new save the information about resources and planets should be locked, yes everything should be locked maybe except resin and compound since they are the most basic and important resource and they should be the only knowledge that the Astroneer should have when landing on Sylva. The astroneer slowly starts to discover resources one by one when he extracts them through his/her terrain tool. As he/she starts to discover ,the discovered items will be unlocked in their in game wiki and they can view it any time. Even about the planets the Astroneers should not have any info about the wind nor the sunlight, they should test it using wind vanes and solar panels, the same goes with the info on the gases available in the atmosphere, it can be know when they build an atmospheric condenser only.IN this similar way the astroneer starts unlocking one by one and keep gaining knowledge and when he finally unlocks everything he should receive an achievement "The all knower" or something like that, what do you guys think about this idea? Any suggestions?
  19. Well that can only happen when they actually let us choose which planet to start on, I don't think they are adding it any time soon.
  20. TMarcher74

    Suggestion - Toggle Compass Always On

    This would have been better if astroneer was 1st person, but yes I would love radars and stuff like that, +1.
  21. Thanks for the suggestion @Killtech, I do like your idea of researching, the astroneer has to research a pod from a planet to unlock info about the planet and about the resources that is available on the planet and maybe even about the resources too. The astroneer will receive full info on the planet if he/she researches an artificial research pods like the ones found in EXO dynamic research aids, and he/she will gain part by part knowledge from the ones found naturally. I think this might make it a bit easier for the the players playing for the first time. I think the research from the biome idea also can work the similar way.
  22. TMarcher74

    Unique planet mechanics / hazards

    @Killtech, thank you and yes I can agree that the starting planet should be calm (without any storms) ,and I do like your idea of how the storm should work, I like it, maybe storms could act like tornados and carry you away but should have a constant oxygen supply if you are in the storm, idk its like some advantage of the storm, being in the storm does not kill you instead it gives you free oxygen supply, like the storm traps oxygen inside the eye ,due to some reaction or they could give something more of a scientific reason or this is some unknown phenomenon that they are unable to explain ,and the astroneer can use this oxygen, but the storm won't last long so the astroneer has to find his way back with oxygen filters and stuff like that, in the explorer update they added small habitat, this could be put to some good use to survive the storms. What do you think ,i know there is a lot to improvise.
  23. I can agree with you but hydrazine is used everywhere, in jetpacks ,making other resources in chemistry lab, hydrazine thrusters, its just a matter of time you will run out of ammonia, even the soil centrifuge won't be enough. We need something more, something which would be dangerous and having consequences if overused.
  24. Let the recipes in the catalogue still have the names for the recipe but the Astroneer will not know until he/she discovers the resources mentioned in the recipe.
  25. TMarcher74

    Used last Probe Scanner - Didn't interact with it

    Yep it stays there, if you are fed up of finding the satellite ask for someone to upload a save in which the satellites are not yet unlocked and mostly everything is progressed.