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  1. TMarcher74

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    Still no use for Astronium but its fine, I am going to enjoy this event. Thank you System Era for this community event :)
  2. TMarcher74

    Methane powered generator

    TBH, I would like methane generators over RTGs, because they at least need to be extracted from the atmosphere, RTGs are overpowered since they produce infinite amount of power, I like your idea, +1.
  3. TMarcher74

    Thank you System Era!

    Congrats man
  4. TMarcher74

    Methane powered generator

    Lol unlimited power huh? I see what you did there.
  5. TMarcher74

    Eject button!

    Lol, I like this one, +1.
  6. TMarcher74

    Bring back hazards

    +1 Very cool ideas, there have been many requests and posts likes this one ,I hope the devs make storms and stuff you have mentioned into a higher priority hopefully. I too made something like yours long back
  7. TMarcher74

    Crane floodlight slot

    +1 Nice thinking, I would love an inbuilt floodlight into the crane.
  8. TMarcher74

    Scoreboard, team balls, activate items

    Overall a nice idea, but the main purpose of the game is not to play soccer, races ,chess but to explore the world, the recreational item are just for a part time fun not the game itself but some of the above ideas can be implemented into the game, so +1.
  9. Anyway more leeks for you guys True Flat Testing - Cross-Platform play is still in the works - New deform modes are coming soon - A First Person/Nose Mode is being worked on - Space snails - The Dedicated Server Beta will be starting in the next week or so -
  10. Aww, thanks , I am just doing this because I like the game and I would like to help them the best I can. It's not the mods its System Era being a bit ignorant ,its fine they will learn.
  11. Lol, its unfortunately true, see more about hats here -
  12. So I am back, with new leeks Not the trade platform, it is something else - Hats, yes our nightmares are coming true - @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  13. TMarcher74

    Starting new games on all planets

    We have asked for it and i think the devs said they are thinking about this, but I really want this feature, +1.
  14. TMarcher74

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    Try dynamite, the only solution for all your problems.