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  1. You will find the recipe in your catalogue its self, even the printer in which it is made. The first tab is for your backpack printer, the second one is for the small printer ,3rd is a medium sized printer and the last one is for the big printer, I believe that the small one can be printed in your back pack and the medium one in the small printer and the large solar arrays in the big printer.
  2. TMarcher74

    The devs do care about us.

    They probably would have already seen it @CopperyMarrow15 who knows, also we are going to have a roadmap update soon ,so lets just wait for it and then send them more ideas and stuff.
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  4. TMarcher74

    The devs do care about us.

    I like it that you are now happy @The Touch of Grey Gamer, we all like being given some attention to ,especially if its by a game developer, it feels nice and you feel like you are taking part in making the game good and great. I too was surprised that they actually answered my request, I hope the communication between us and the devs gets better in the future ,so that we can share ,help and create together. This is what I requested them and told them the problems the forum is facing...
  5. TMarcher74

    Need help to mine 50% of Desolo...

    That was an excellent idea of elevating yourself to take a screenshot of the base, also awesome, keep it up.
  6. TMarcher74

    The devs do care about us.

    So I sent an e-mail to the System Era support a month ago, about how they ignored the forums and telling them to be more responsible and being active on the forums, so they actually replied, i thought they just ignored me but no they did reply and here is their reply...
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    +1, nice idea.
  8. TMarcher74

    Need help to mine 50% of Desolo...

    My god , I like your determination to mine the planet to its half.
  9. TMarcher74

    My Save Game Is.....

    Whoa, that's the biggest I have seen until now, is it your research pod collection save? 1.Yes it is large 2.Mine is hardly 2mb 3.When have you been playing on the save?How old is it? 4.I don't think so. 5.Find it out. 6.depends on you pc, but it does have an effect on your fps.
  10. TMarcher74

    A new perspective on main menu and sub-menus

    Really that's awesome ,what did he reply?
  11. TMarcher74

    Some ideas

    +1 nice ideas
  12. TMarcher74

    A new perspective on main menu and sub-menus

    +1 (just trying to keep the post on top so that the devs have a chance of seeing it, @Gina do you have permission to pin really awesome posts?)
  13. TMarcher74

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    Just because you use **** does not mean that we cannot understand your message ,also remember using CAPITAL letters is considered rude and aggressive. I am sorry if I hurt you but don't take it too seriously , @redstonerti ✌️
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    Extra Large Shredder

    Nuke it to hell 😉