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  1. TMarcher74

    Starting new games on all planets

    We have asked for it and i think the devs said they are thinking about this, but I really want this feature, +1.
  2. TMarcher74

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    Try dynamite, the only solution for all your problems.
  3. My bad, it is large wind turbine they were talking about in the clip.
  4. Wow and that too this version of astroneer was alpha or pre alpha version, amazing how they did this at that time.
  5. Have you guys seen this video, they look so good.
  6. Also if you guys notice you can see the medium storage with some spooky squash research samples. Do you have those? Has anyone tried researching it instantly?
  7. This is my Pergola (not in creative mode btw), Please mention if you have used Creative mode or if it is done in Survival mode. ASTRONEER 2019-11-14 21-54-30.mp4
  8. For all those who asked for the medium wind turbine
  9. TMarcher74

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    Very cool update SES, I will make something for the SES Team
  10. Guys this is probably one of the best thing about the creative update, @The Touch of Grey Gamer, @Killtech, @Mio
  11. You won't be getting Play station visor, but I think Xbox visor is much better than Playstation's.
  12. One last leek, it looks like a homage to BOB ROSS, @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  13. How Astroneer looks on PS4 menu - PS4 and Xbox exclusive cosmetics - PS4 suit - Creative mode features - Next stream is on Thursday night!! - I am sad that PC gamers did not get any exclusive suit or any cosmetic
  14. TMarcher74

    Something for pc too

    I can agree with you but for now the exclusive stuff we(PC players) get is better frame rates and less bugs than console players.