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    Astroneer: The Search for Hydrazine

    i tend to find more ammonium on top rather then underground
  2. why are shuttles Always landing in front of vehicle bays ? blocking em for usage i made 2 vehicle bays and a mobile one , build shuttles on several places yet they Always seem to land in front of a stationary vehicle bay no matter what i even have small shuttle landing into medium shuttle platform . made vehicle bay on medium vehicle , connected it outside of the base to a platform so it recieved energy to see if shuttle would now land there , but no , it still lands in front of one of the stationary ( on large platform b) vehicle bays.
  3. nefiru

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues pc windows steam large vehicle vanished i had a roadtrain setup 4 large vehicle 4 th vehicle large storage and large shredder , 2 th and 3 th full large storage all of those filled with medium storages. first vehicle large storage 3 medium solar panels 2 medium batteries on front small battery and beacon. they were all connected and parked for the next day . logged in next day to see only first vehicle gone other 3 are still parked same position , same roadtrain . this was on earth planet . i flew to tundra planet , made same roadtrainsetup there . flew back to earth planet and on way back i noticed the beacons , green , blue for base and habitat and purple for vehicle beacon it s abit distand from the base so i ll have to search if it s in the air or underground , if i find it even with that beacon on.
  4. pc windows steam i cannot find a way to get a large storage build on an extra large platform A i ve made a new platform so positioning would be correct connected it to the vehicle bay , connected it from vehicle bay , even tried a large vehicle as inbetween but still dont get the choise to build a large storage . i have build several large storages on large vehicles .
  5. nefiru

    My Chemical laboratory stopped

    version pc windows steam same issue chem lab stopped working after 2 seconds and put same sort of result as on picture above aluminium alloy try for me made another chem lab that works fine , first one still bugged
  6. version pc windows steam same issue stuck large shredder on an energy cell marked as salvage