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  1. Just to add to this suggestion as an maybe a modification to the double sourcing issue with things like the chemistry labs. Given i'm playing with Gargoyle, a thought is to have a means to either have 2 single arms on the long armed bases rather just one, so it's easier to setup duel sourcing lines for the chemistry labs. Another idea to add a unit like the repeater that can be added and linked to specific containers, by doing so, the arm is then set to only pick from those 2 canisters and alternate between the 2 for example. This could be expanded to up to 3 canisters given the mechanics, allowing for 2 materials and a gas to be transfered to each chem lab, providing the canisters have enough materials. A thought for the gases, would be to have a gas distribution system. This would be achived by having a specialized base unit in 2 sizes, one for the medium canisters and one larger for an atmospheric processor. Both units have have a raised pipe coming off of it, which a pipe with the same mechanics as the power cable can be run from the base to a chem lab, though you can run multiple nodes like with the repeater units. The idea is that you can daisy chain the 'gas line' from one chem to the next, and with a switch on the specallized base unit, you can turn the gas off and on as required. or it's automatically on demand from each chem lab. in the case of the medium canisters, you could have a means to link multiple tanks into the gas lines and it allows each gas to be tapped off as needed, until the tank is empty at which point it disconnects the line.
  2. I've been playing on Astroneer on and off with a friend in the US (I'm UK based) and we're having issues with Glacio. So far we've managed to unlock all nodes on the other planets up to Glacio, and have a base on Atrox but not worked on the gateways as yet. File size is 22.9mb and wandering if this is causing some issues, graphics drivers are up to date. I've read some issues maybe caused by file size being too big, but I'm not sure. Doing some tidying up and the game will just crash out completely with no prior warning. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, got an issue with the current patch.. drop pod fell over in a storm on a planet.. and well? I can't right it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1540058824