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  1. My partner has seen this in the multiplayer games I host on Steam/Windows 10. He made some medium wind turbines and went to unpack them on a spaceport we found, and they fell through the surface to somewhere we couldn't see. It wasn't on all of the slots, only one of them was glitched out, although if we put resources on it, like graphite or resin, those stayed.
  2. The system details are Steam/Windows 10 most recent update as of October 14, 2018.
  3. I've also seen this problem when hosting a multiplayer game on Steam using Windows 10. My partner died while we were on an exotic planet, and the dropship brought him to Terran. Once we built and deployed dropships on Exotic, when he died, he was brought back to Exotic.
  4. I was hosting a multiplayer game, and my partner put his canister with some soil in it in the Large Shredder. The image of the canister was persistent, even when the shredder animation and sfx stopped. When we put another item in the shredder, the game would completely crash, booting us both out to the desktop. When we restarted the game, the canister image was still there, and if we put another item in the shredder, the game would crash and punt us back out to our desktops again. We eventually just made a new shredder. When we put completely empty canisters in the shredder, we don't get the g