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    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    OMG this is so old but still a problem? Just bought the game and could not run it. Problem was, i have win10 and a new version, visual c++ 2017. So my first attempts to solve this issue following some of the existing troubleshoots failed off course. I just had to uninstall the new version! So if you have win10 and this problem, check if you have the 2017 version (or any newer) of visual c++ installed, and uninstall it. afterwards install the 2015 version and run the game. i guess theres not even a reboot required but it dosnt hurt if you do so. So i suggest to update this topic and even some others existing out there. cmon guys we are in 2018 and you can expect peoples computers have some new software installed. Havent played just one minute but already posted a solution to run the game, thats not a good beginning of a relationship guys... ?