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  1. I would love to see a way of making doors for bases. The basic model for the Large Arch Platform could be used - it's big enough, and the right shape. The Large Arch could also be used to actually open the door if a cable connection was added that could transmit the signal when someone drives under the arch - it already does this with lights and things attached to it. Who wants a base wide open to the elements? I suspect a lot more people would use a cargo door (manual or automatic) over things like soccer balls and racing arches. The new paver combined with the drill is completely awesome by the way. It helps immensely with the amazingly annoying disappearing beacons vanished under the horizon. I lost a rover forever chasing a space probe because the beacons vanished and it was impossible to get back. With a road however, that will now go away - you follow the path instead of the beacon. It makes all the difference in the world in places that have the giant craters too. Great job adding that! It's a feature that genuinely makes the game more fun.
  2. This is something that is not only not explained in the tutorial, it isn't even in the manual at all, as far as I could tell. This tool is not something that is going to be easy to figure out just by trying it. I went through unlocking 3 Gateway Cores without knowing there was any way to make a ramp pointing down, which made things very difficult, to say the least. I was using the alt-key extrude command, not knowing that 'smooth' actually let you not only make things even, but actually create ramps in any direction. Learning that made making ramps towards the Core fun, rather then a tedious dreadful chore. of trying to twisty tunnel through walls to go down without falling, and make switchback ramps that were narrow and easy to fall off from. It's a really important tool for digging, and it should be made clear to new players. One shouldn't be forced into looking for guides for something that basic and vital to game play. Perhaps when in the stage 'make a ramp', simply put text in about how the tool actually works, and suggest using it to make that ramp. It's important to know that you have to have something at the proper angle first to create a ramp using the smooth tool - and no one would simply guess that was the way it works.
  3. ssutcliffe

    Make distant beacons visible on the horizon

    I agree with the idea that beacon markers should not disappear behind hills, go under the horizon or be buried by clouds! If they are radio markers, that should never happen. Making a string of beacons when driving a rover around is annoying, not fun. I also like the idea of a 3 letter identifier - much better then the color scheme we have right now, and yet it's small enough so it wouldn't clutter the landscape. I'd love an actual working compass that's on the HUD too. The one we have only works when walking, not driving, and even then it's barely unusable.
  4. ssutcliffe

    Exploration is weak.

    There are some absolutely amazing deep-planet biomes, such as the mushroom forest and sea anemones. Honestly, I wish they weren't only found so deep that you need to be heading to for the Core Gateway to find them though. Elements of both of those could have been great on the surface of Vasenia for instance. For a forest planet, a lot of it seems more like Mars - mostly barren. I would love to see more things on the surface, as well as the really deep earth. It might be that more is not on the surface because of vehicles though. Trees are a pain when you are trying to use any sort of a rover.
  5. Windows 10, I7 CPU, 8 gigs RAM, Nvidia 980 graphics card. I was walking in a cave, and WHAM - phased through 4 levels of cave, landed right on top of a white mushroom, and lost everything. This bug *really* needs to finally be fixed! It is absolutely hateful losing a diamond drill bit for no reason except the game throwing physics bugs.
  6. V 1.0.7 Windows 10 Steam/PC, I7 CPU, NVidia 980 Graphics, 8 gigs RAM. For the first time ever though, it didn't throw me 10,000 feet into the air to fall to my death. Just phased through probably two levels of cave. Simply walking, maybe running. This is a persistent bug - and really annoying. It does seem like it has been improved though. So far this run, no steps that have led to flying up 10,000 feet to die, though there have been bounces.
  7. Version 1.0.7, Windows 10 Steam, 8 gigs ram, I7 CPU, NVidia 980 graphics card. Planet Core Gateways that should have unlocked in 1.0.6 while the achievements were blocked are not unlocked with the new version - and of course the spacesuits and emotes are locked as well. It is now impossible to do it without a new save. since it appears it only unlocks when the event happens, and those events can't be repeated. This could cause a recurring problem, since any issue that causes the unlock trigger to fail but the event to happen would permanently block that save from unlocking the spacesuits and the achievement for that planet. The And Beyond event was repeatable however, and that achievement and spacesuit unlocked when it was done again.
  8. When you exit and save the game, it now always continues running in Steam. You have to kill steam, log completely out of your windows account or restart the computer to get it to stop, and of course you can't get into the game if Steam thinks it's already running. Windows 10 Steam PC, Intel I7, 8 gigabytes of ram, NVidia 980 graphics adapter.
  9. I unlocked the core gateways on both Calidor and Atrox using 1.0.6 (saved game from previous versions). Not only did the achievements not unlock, now *all* the unlockable space suits, emotes and color choices are now classified as locked. Windows 10 Steam PC, Intel I7, 8 gigabytes of ram, NVidia 980 graphics adapter.
  10. PC Steam version. I7 CPU, 8 gigs ram, Nvidia 980. Opened the core gateway and didn't get the achievement.
  11. ssutcliffe

    This is seriously full release?

    I have to agree with this. Compare this to say, Subnautica. In early release, it was buggy and a lot of changes were made during that time. By the time they released it, the serious bugs were all fixed, and it was a game that someone could play out of the box, who had never tried the early access version. Physics and terrain problems are basic, fundamental and unacceptable problems in a game that is touted as 'finished'. Getting killed by getting catapulted 10,000 feet into the air just walking around, and losing all your items because you were inside a cave at the time is ridiculous when it has been reported over and over for at least a year. Having vehicles sink into the ground when you stop for no reason and having to dig them out is also completely unacceptable when it's been reported over and over. These are significant, game breaking bugs. I wouldn't complain if it was still being tested, but this was supposedly 'released'. There are probably still new major features coming too. The developers claimed there was going to be a campaign. Personally, I don't object to not having one myself - though I wouldn't mind having a way to sell things to the space station for credits, and maybe being able to buy things like real doors, windows and furniture. It would be nice to be able make yourself a better shelter then the base station. Perhaps that could be a DLC. I would much prefer they actually fix these ridiculous physics issues and bugs over *any* new features right now.
  12. Many people have complained about lagging when you have large tether lines - which can happen more often now that we might want to dig to the center of the earth to open teleport gateways, not to mention long lines to surface gates. It turns out the problem happens because if you connect separate lines to the same source (ie the base) or branch, that counts as all one giant line that needs to be updated when you add a tether. The way around this is to use the oxygenator that you build for the shuttles to produce oxygen. It happily works without power just as long as it's on a platform, and if you get tether lag, you can put long lines on their own private network using an oxygen machine, such as those mega long lines to the center of the earth or overland routes to the Gate. Voila, 500 tethers go to 250 or less and no more lag on any of them!
  13. This happened on the moon. Just walking in my base, and the next thing I knew I was bounced up to space, then falling to my death. This is a bug that has happened and been reported before. This was the released version 1.0, for Steam on PC (Windows 10). I7 CPU, 8 Gigs ram, NVidia 980 graphics adapter.
  14. Windows 7, Terrain 2.0 test. Put a beacon on a Large Rover on a medium storage slot - turn it on. Exit to windows or exit to main menu. When loading that save the beacon will be off. This seems to happen only when you put a beacon on a medium storage slot - if it's on a regular slot they seem to stay on.
  15. It's annoying launching to space and being forced to wait 5-10 minutes for the particular planet you want as your destination to align so you can actually jump to it. A suggestion for fixing that without changing the system is to create an item (telescope?) that when clicked on, would put up list of the planets. Click on a planet, and a temporary countdown timer could come up that would show how long it will be until that planet comes into alignment. With that up, you could continue working on your base until the planets align and then launch. It makes little sense that an astroneer would have no idea of the planetary orbits from the ground, and end up wasting lots of time in orbit waiting for alignment to occur.