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    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Really interesting, can't wait to see where you guys go with this game
  2. MagnarHD

    Iron ??? What is that for????

    Fair enough
  3. MagnarHD

    Some Base Modules Will Not Power

    Excuse Microsoft Paint, but this is how I have started doing it with no issues. I'd usually just place 2 solar panels and 3 batteries and the supplies the rest.
  4. MagnarHD

    Thruster ?!? How can i use it?

    Oh nice find, I haven't saw one of these yet!
  5. MagnarHD

    Iron ??? What is that for????

    Isn't that Titanium in the picture? It looks the same.
  6. MagnarHD

    Some Base Modules Will Not Power

    You need it to be like a web, your work benches/modules can't be linked together or power wont reach them. You need to have power modules in between otherwise it breaks the power link. I hope this makes sense?
  7. MagnarHD

    Astroneer Spaceship Issue

    I made the same mistake with a miss click! I imagine in the future we'll be able to remove compartments and stuff from the vehicles.
  8. MagnarHD

    Strange Object Found. What is it? :s

    I'm not sure what I expected!
  9. MagnarHD

    Can you delete created items?

    You can't delete static objects like the work benches (printers/smelters etc) or your habitat just yet. For items that can be picked up, just dig a hole and bury them.
  10. MagnarHD

    How do i charge the Truck away from base?

    Solar panels will definitely charge the truck as long as there is sun light. While exploring, you can also harvest the power that is in caves/on the floor and place that into the truck.
  11. MagnarHD

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    So I've noticed a planet in orbit that is split into 4 pieces. When you go into space it's still in 4, however if you visit the planet it goes back to normal. Then if you leave again it's back into four pieces.. Pics below...
  12. In a few worlds, I've got to the point where I no longer need tethers and a few other base items (mini solar panels/batteries etc), however there doesn't seem to be an easy way to scrap the items. A disposal unit of some sort would be a great way to do this.
  13. I have a fairly large base now with around 30 units and when I go exploring I go out on a truck with 2 other trucks attached to it to make transporting items easier. My FPS is fine as long as the truck is away from the main base and any tethers, it seems that when I get close to the base the tethers glitch and try to attach themselves to all of the trucks from different units in the base. This usually takes me down to 1-2 FPS until I get the trucks far enough away from the tethers. I'll try to upload a gif showing it asap