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  1. 5 minutes ago, p1nkbr0 said:

    I mean they are, but my base is set up like a rake. Some stations get power, some don't. It seems pretty random. Do the amount of generators play a role in this?

    Super, super basic diagram.


    P=Power, N=Not-Powered


    Excuse Microsoft Paint, but this is how I have started doing it with no issues. I'd usually just place 2 solar panels and 3 batteries and the supplies the rest.



  2. I have a fairly large base now with around 30 units and when I go exploring I go out on a truck with 2 other trucks attached to it to make transporting items easier. 

    My FPS is fine as long as the truck is away from the main base and any tethers, it seems that when I get close to the base the tethers glitch and try to attach themselves to all of the trucks from different units in the base.

    This usually takes me down to 1-2 FPS until I get the trucks far enough away from the tethers.


    I'll try to upload a gif showing it asap