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  1. Princedry6667

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    I'm having the same problem to but I save the game and it says it's saving game and then after that has completed I save and exit the game and it hasn't saved it at all losing hours of work building and exploring this is really annoying and disappointing I hope systemera fixes this soon.
  2. Princedry6667

    For XBOX users

    I have recently encountered saving problems on the xbox one the game sometimes says it's saving the game when actually it doesn't. Other times I try to save and it crashes, kicks me out of game and back to the Xbox one dashboard. Does anybody know why this is happening and is it fixable. Amongst other thing this is very annoying and after hours of work put into building bases and exploring planets it crashes and goes back to previous save. Please help!!!
  3. Princedry6667

    Game save crashes

    Every time I try to save my game on the Xbox one the game crashes and quits the game and I end back at the Xbox one dashboard any ideas on why this is happening??