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  1. I want to thank the devs for not sorting out this Xbox crashing issue. Since I stopped playing Astroneer I am getting so much more done on The Long Dark 😉
  2. Andy Bowden

    Game crashes often when saving

    I had an email exchange with Support and they're sold on the idea that it's an overloaded Cloud Storage that's causing the crashes but I only play two games and only have one game save file for Astroneer so it's definitely not that. Visiting Glacio seems to be part of the problem unless it's a very big coincidence that many players are mentioning it in their complaints.
  3. Andy Bowden

    Xbox crashes as soon as I enter vehicle

    I still like to check into the forum but I uninstalled Astroneer two days ago because of this issue. Unplayable on my XB1S.
  4. Andy Bowden

    System crashing on save

    I have given up. Game keeps crashing on me every fourth or fifth time I enter a vehicle. Cheerio.
  5. Andy Bowden

    System crashing on save

    This post could have been written by me. Exactly the same problem which started at Glacio.
  6. Absolutely this, I think it would help with the some of the frame rate issues too. I have a huge pile of scrap and when I can hear a lot of 'clicking' from that area the slowdown is horrifying (XB1). A little jolt with my terrain tool and the pile soon settles down and frame rates go back to normal.
  7. Andy Bowden

    Multiple crashes on Glacio

    I've solved the problem myself. Just stopped going to Glacio.
  8. Andy Bowden

    Multiple crashes on Glacio

    Hi there, I have never had a major problem with the game crashing but it has done so around six times so far this session. Each time on Glacio when I've had to enter a vehicle or shuttle. Sooo frustrating. Grrrrr
  9. The frame rates when I'm at my base are frustratingly low (XB1S). On the plus side, we have Space Chess.
  10. Andy Bowden

    Purple Gateway question

    Thank you
  11. Andy Bowden

    Purple Gateway question

    Hello there, Bit of a noobie question. Just off to Calidor for the first time and I have a question about opening the Gateways. In regards to the power source, is it better to use batteries or generators to open them? What does everyone else do? Getting the Gateway to finally open on Novus was very tedious affair.I Thanks
  12. Andy Bowden

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

  13. Andy Bowden

    Purple Gateway question

    Thanks once again.
  14. Andy Bowden

    Purple Gateway question

    Hello there, I'm a bit perplexed about the compass direction of the nodes in the Purple Gateway. Which of the two nodes runs along the North/South line? thank you