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  1. As the title states materials fall through the world if your backpack is full and your terrain tool is clipping the ground. When you are full and you mine enough of something it falls off the back of your tool, we all know that. However if you have the back of your gun clipping outside of the dug terrain when it fills up say goodbye to your mineral. Here is a video of me showing the glitch: Also I had mined 3 entire veins of quartz and 1 of latterite, when my backpack filled I put them in a hole I dug. After mining the last of the latterite I went to go collect my rewards only to find all but 3 of my quartz was gone. I tried to recreate this with video recordings but couldn't remake it and I don't want to commit to it, thus without video proof I don't feel comfortable making another topic for it. For both of these I suspect it has to do with how dropped materials act with the ground but not sure. Anyway thank you for this wonderful time from beta to release!
  2. TehFluffyDuck

    Angle Mod

    One thing I struggle with is getting a surface that is truly flat. The alignment mod and flat tool don't help much and require lots of patience to get a very flat surface. My suggestion is to add a mod that pops up a window bound to a hotkey to where you can set an angle to build such as 90, 180, or other more specific angles up to 360 so you can make any angle of structure, Or simply make the starting platform perfectly flat and not mostly flat like it is now. - Sincerely TehFluffyDuck
  3. TehFluffyDuck

    Terrain Loading Bug

    No I have not. In the massive cave under my terran base there are so many glitched areas that my friend and I decided to move to radiated so that we don't have to fix all of the bugged spots. But if you do PLEASE let me know because I didn't want to leave terran but felt pressured to do so.
  4. TehFluffyDuck

    Terrain Loading Bug

    Well this was a world made a day before this happened so unless it was updated overnight ( if so I was not aware )
  5. TehFluffyDuck

    Terrain Loading Bug

    Keyboard/Mouse Steam I was playing Astroneer and a friend wanted to join but couldn't connect. So I quit to the main menu and loaded my save and he was able to join. I went out on a resin hunting trip to make storage and I found a bridge I had made earlier for my rover to cross a cavern. But i looked at the cavern bridge to see most of it was gone and could see through the world but thought that the bridge was deleted from the cavern reloading. Sadly I was wrong as I had gone into a cave under my home to mine some ores for thrusters only to see the side of the tunnel down was pushed back a bit and once again could see through the world a bit. I decided to just cover it up and hope nothing else was bugged. As I follow my tether trail to where we mine I saw a HUGE glitched area. The link is to a video of me showing it off. ( Later ) I fell through one of the gaps only to be pushed through into the cave again yet I thought I was a goner. After the video I went to find several more small patches of glitch spots and re-logging didn't fix the issue. So now a small bit of Terran is impossible to safely use rovers in and the only way to make it safe is to manually fill it all in. I hope no one else has had this happen to them and I hope that my entire world isn't corrupted.
  6. Video of the audio bug after i went back in game.
  7. Keyboard/Mouse Steam Bug #1 So I have been playing Astroneer for a couple of days recently ( Bought it played it then didn't get back on ) and I was creating medium storage cubes from a small printer on a large platform. I thought to speed up the process that I could move the cube to a platform while the animation of the storage coming out of its cube. So i put it on and I look back and I see another cube in the same spot even though i didn't craft another cube. I ended up just opening the duped cube and coming to the forum. I will try to make a quick video showing it happening. Bug #2 I was in a cave and had run out of tethers, while exploring I found compound witch I needed more of. I see that i'm about to suffocate to I run to the tethers but I had underestimated the distance. Right as I die I had connected to the tether line and it make the noise when you connect to a tether. After I was done being embarrassed about what had happened I go back to the cave to gather my items. I get to my body and I can hear the noise where it had left off but it never turned off. I tried burring my body but the noise was coming from where the audio was being played where I had died and not from the corpse. I decided to just carry on playing and got off to make this post after the first bug in this post happened. Addition after trying to recreate the dupe on video: I was not able to get the glitch to work again and I do not want to continue because my resin is low and there are not many nearby. Sorry for no video but thought to report it anyway.