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  1. I know I made this already but that was before it was announced for PS4 so will the PC steam version have dualshock 4 button layout's now?
  2. flying_night_slasher

    Add playstation controller icon's to the game

    Yes I do mean for steam and keyboard and mouse is a little funny in some games for me but if there is a chance for playstation icon's that would be great.
  3. flying_night_slasher

    Put early access control's back in the game as a controller mode

    yes but with xbox icon's It would be easier to grind gold bar's into power that trying to go into my pod but jumping instead.
  4. Please add playstation icon's to the game because me and other's have grown up with playstation and we are used to playstation's 🔺,⬛,X,O,R1,R2,R3,L1,L2,L3,(Start,Select dual shock 3),(Option's,Share dual shock 4) button's it would be easier for gameplay and it would help me play the game again because it's confusing to adjust to Xbox icon's (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played the game for a few month's.)
  5. Please put early access control's back in the game as a option because it's easier for me and maybe other people and so I can get back in the game (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played it for a few month's.)
  6. Who think's that our old save's be crossed over to 1.0.
  7. flying_night_slasher

    floating object's

    when i try to put something in my backback when full the resin is floating of the ground like to the hight of my guy's body .
  8. flying_night_slasher

    Do away with teathers

    Yes they should stay in the game because without tethers this game would be hard and impossible.