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  1. I can't for the life of me get the terrain tool to deploy. I know it says to use E but no matter what I do it won't come out. All I can do is open my back pack, click on the tool and then close the back pack to get the tool out. Does anyone know why E isn't allowing me to take out the terrain tool?
  2. I created this thread because I missed the storms. I liked the sound, the way I dashed into my ship, a cave or a hole. I also liked how if I ignored it sometimes I'd die from those damn UPS boxes. What I didn't like was the original explanation as "no one liked them". This isn't an MMO where we all have to agree to things because we're all in one virtual world. We're not. SO I hoped to just express to the Dev team that there were a lot of us out here who weren't asked if we liked storms. I like creating things and surviving but I also like the sense of being immersed in something. FOR ME...storms helped that. I"m no game designer but giving us the freedom to decide on storms Yes or No, Severity (on a scale), Storms on Starter Planet Yes/ No ...doesn't seem to difficult. I would also support giving us various types of storms...some just visual..some actually dangerous. I think we're all looking for what makes us happy in this game. Right now, FOR ME, it just feels dull with just night and day cycles. I like storms, I'd like different storms and I'd even like the sense of danger with more severe storms. Again...that's me....but I like choice.
  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I liked avoiding the UPS boxes. I like hearing the whirling of a storm on the surface when I was deep in a cave. I liked building an underground base so I could work through storms. It just added a layer of immersion for me. See i don't say this has to apply to everyone. As you go from planet to planet you shouldn't just have sunny days and clear nights. Space and planets aren't like that and even here that seems incredible narrow focused. Landing on a planet and finding it's weather hostile increases the challenge and satisfaction when I arrive, get what I need and get out of there fast. Everyone plays games for different reasons and if you love to do the whole Minecraft thing then do it but some of us like the entire experience.
  4. I think the storms just added more atmosphere (pun intended) to the game. I would love to see a form of rain or as mentioned maybe meteor strikes. Maybe radiation (hot zones) with the heat ripple visual effect. I think it's just about making your exploration more interesting then just inventory management. I guess we shall see what comes.
  5. This would be great. I envision like Sim City is or was where you could decide if you wanted storms or not. Some people loved the risk it imposed while others turned it off and enjoyed the game. Glad to hear they understand that. Still love the game but just wanted a little more "excitement".
  6. Then even more reasons to give US the choice. Just because some dislike it is no reason to take it from all of us. Some of us enjoyed the storms and actually would like to see more variety of storms. Hell I find Night time more annoying then I ever found storms. Taking away something and explaining it by saying "No one liked them" is wrong.
  7. I agree. Or even have different types of storms. The storms just made the planet seem more interesting. There was nothing like being deep in a cave two levels down and hear that howl of a storm on the surface. Can it be that hard to create a storm system where the player has a slider that determines the number of storms say per hour? I'd like to see something back in the game that caused me to have to stay aware. Something that meant I didn't just go AFK for an hour and expect nothing to change. Even consider introducing organisms or plants that roam and attack. Just tired of whining people typically always getting their way.
  8. Sadly the people that make the most noise are usually the ones complaining. The rest of us were off enjoying what the game offered. Hopefully they'll figure out a way to bring them back or figure out some way to introduce some danger into the worlds. Just mining and gathering, while fun, gets boring when there's nothing dangerous to plan for.
  9. That's sad. Now it's basically just a building game with very little danger. Storms were always that wild card that kept you on your feet when out and about.
  10. Oh okay. Still hope they give us the option to control say minimum number vs. maximum number. I like a challenge and if I could get killed by one UPS box that would really add to the excitement.
  11. Please bring back storms. Maybe give us the option to turn them on or off or even select the number of them that can occur but the game has no real threat without them. LIterally it gets borning day after day when there is nothing to quickly dash into a cave to avoid. I hope they come back...they really did make the game a little more thrilling.
  12. While I really LOVE the music in the game I would LOVE the option to turn off the music while still maintaining all the other sounds of the game so I can play my own music. I have so many good instrumental bands that would make my hours and hours so enjoyable. Thanks