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  1. Actually it's not, if you didn't buy it through Steam, which I didn't as stated in the original post.
  2. After 2 weeks of frustrating searching I finally (accidentally) found the game save location for Windows store purchased version of Astroneer. See below for the directory/folder path: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks.29415440E1269_ftk5pbg2rayv2\SystemAppData\wgs\000901F4078BAC66_6C0B0100B10345C3B55AA1C421DDC84D\CA3D79B184FF425EA67098BFF6A75A6A I suspect the folders and save file numbers located in the wgs subfolder will vary with each user but if you can get to the /wgs portion, the save games are located within that sub directory. Good l
  3. Game purchased through Microsoft store and using pc with mouse/keyboard controller, version 10.2 alpha, windows 10 operating system. Several times after having played for 1 hour or more, when exiting to main menu I see that my game save is not updated to the most recent point/time of play despite the fact that I entered/exited my vehicle several times while playing. Hard to progress when none of your game play is saved. In addition, sometimes the game hangs up while trying to exit to the main menu and I'm forced to close the window (playing in window mode). Sometimes wh
  4. Greetings, I am trying to locate the Astroneer game save file so that I can create a back up. Everything I've tried so far to find the file location has failed epically. Please note that I purchased my game through the Microsoft Store so the file address I've seen given in previous threads for Steam purchased games does not seem to apply here. Thanks Hannibal Gladius