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  1. papa

    beacons are kind of useless

    i haven't found my base for 4 hours
  2. papa

    Finding home base

    i just read this and my idea is kind of like yours this is a really good idea it should be done
  3. beacons don't have very good rang from a distance you cant see them and i get that the planets it round so you cant see it but i think that the becon should show on the side of the screen pointing to the place of the beacon and also compasses should be on top of the screen it only makes sense (yes i know my drawing is bad i use Microsoft paint)
  4. i like your idea but you could just put a large shredder on you rover like i did just add a battery do you don't run out of power
  5. i see a problem with online severs if they come random players will steal your resources you'll need a way to stop that like a banning system or weapons (doesn't have to be guns it could be knifes)and i don"t mean op weapons they could just do very little damage to players
  6. by guns i mean weak and not very effective to other players just good enough to make them stay away because if ai are added and if they are deadly or with online severs players will be attack and resources will be stolen. by guns i mean: pistol (because its not a rapid fire or long range weapon) turrets (only against AI if they are added) by walls i mean: walls (with attachments like barbwire, work light, and/or storage units) watch towers (attachments like light and turrets if added) and gates (not attachments) and adding guns will also stop lots of people saying gun like ideas please
  7. papa

    About the Type-D Platform

    this is a good idea i spent ages trying to get the platforms placed just right
  8. besides the storms and dangerous plants its not much of a survival game when if you add monsters or aliens it adds a lot more opportunities like walls, weapons, etc. so like monsters could live underground in caves and some that roam the planets, then with walls and weapons you could defend your base and vehicles when you go mining it makes it more of a survival game and with the walls it adds building and a lot of people would like it added into the game. please consider adding this it adds a hole new aspect into the game and will sort of explain the crash sites 😁😁🙏 thank you.