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  1. Thx for the response Gina but that is a solution to a different issue then mine. My issue ended up being that the voice application Discord causes Astroneer to crash. I have tested it several times and the only time Astroneer crashes is when discord is started or running. If I close Discord at the system tray and then launch Astroneer it runs for hours with no crashes. This started with the summer update. I can try the no sound option though and see if it makes it so I can run both Astroneer and Discord at the same time w/o crashing Astroneer.
  2. Hmmm I didnt get that, It just locked up ( or Crashed immediately( and it only happens when discord is running or starts. Starting discord crashes it immediately. I really wish someone from system era would comment on this as discord is a pretty popular program. So there must be quite a few others with this issue.
  3. Try closing discord. I was able to get it to crash twice as soon as I launched discord. Game was stable for over an hour w/o discord running
  4. ok I shut all unnecessary apps down and the game ran stable for an hour. As soon as I launched Discord the game crashed! So I tried relaunching Astroneer. Game was running until I started discord and then the game crashed again. So maybe someone else can try to recreate this issue? discord version is 0.0.305
  5. So put some gskill ddr4 3200 16gb kit memory in the system (passes windows memory diag), just to rule out memory issue and it still crashed. Crashes are more frequent in than
  6. Hello, Looks like I have a crashing and freezing issue starting with and With Astroneer would randomly freeze, cursor would work but the app would show on task mgr as "not Responding". Now in it sometimes just crashes on startup, 15 min into the game (random. Really not sure what the issue is, I am not having issues with any other programs. I also ran the steam validate files to rule out corruption. Note: After realizing previous system memory was bad, I ran the commands as admin: DISM /ONline /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth SFC /SCANNOW both came back with no issues found. Also the bad memory issue happened before Astroneer started crashing. (Using a stick of 8gb ddr 4 2400 {passed windows memory diagnostic} to get by until rma comes back) Config: Windows 10 Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Steam Hw: CPU: I7 8700, HDD Samsung 970 Evo m.2, RAM 8gb (waiting for RMA on defective 16gb kit) GPU: EVGA 1060 SSC 6GB Nvidia Driver: 430.86 9660dc45-bae8-4fd6-b8b8-9bac23c78460_1.2.9.0.dmp 9660dc45-bae8-4fd6-b8b8-9bac23c78460_1.2.9.0.dmp 54eac5d9-f166-4458-9ca7-fd1ea705f40b.dmp 54eac5d9-f166-4458-9ca7-fd1ea705f40b.dmp.container
  7. Just adding a note that 1.0.7 appears to have corrected the issue. In Steam I performed a repair (restores missing movies) and now the game starts runs the video and displays main menu as expected. Recommend locking this thread as issue is resolved
  8. @KingPhantom I am not having that issue. Game is stable for me with my workaround. However I am not using Firefox. Retest in Chrome or Edge do you get the same results? Make sure your driver for nvidia GPU is up date: Should be 418.81. Only thing I can think of is this is some kind of codec bug either with Astroneer, Microsoft or both. So maybe Firefox makes different calls then chrome when running video. I did look at your dxdiag but dont think that mentions the version of the nvidia files. I would think the driver would provide the codec but I could be wrong about that.
  9. @KingPhantom So I played Daily Dose of Internet video on youtube in chrome (Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)) for a minute without any crashes, even was able to load the save game while video was running. Chrome is updating so I will try again in an hour or so when I back at the computer.
  10. ok Sorry wasnt understanding the youtube connection before, but you may be right I will give it a shot
  11. link to workaround post on steam:
  12. @Blind Io can you provide a link to the post by the windows store user? Google cant seem to find and looking on MS store produced no results either.
  13. I have figured out a workaround for the game crashing at startup. if you go to the steamapps/astroneer directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access\Astro\Content\Movies remove the following files: legal*.mp4 loading*.mp4 seslogo*.mp4. Now run the game and it does not crash!! This proves that this bug is somehow related to the .mp4 files playing.
  14. KingPhantom please open a new thread, your issue is not exactly the same as mine. Also Game is not fixed anymore, crashing issue is back. I made zero changes to my system and now Astroneer crashes just before the solar system loading part. I am pretty frustrated with Astroneer at this point. I have zero issues with other games, so I can not understand what the issue could possibly be. Repair via steam does not help. I know the devs are busy but I would appreciate it if they would work with me on this. I have not had any crashes with any of the other previous versions of the game. Here are my updated files since updating to win 10 build 1809. DxDiag1809.txt SystemInformation1809.txt dc9ae67a-ebd1-49c0-9fbf-767b872f808f.dmp.container dc9ae67a-ebd1-49c0-9fbf-767b872f808f.dmp