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  1. info: pc, windows 10, 3440x1440 monitor. bug trigger: unknown still, i'll try and keep and eye out for what exactly causes this, if anything, and i'll reply to this thread with more info if i find it. the terraform gun sometimes sits downwards below the player and clips through the floor when put away (if the astronaut is standing on the ground and not on a wheel as in the attached image), and it stays like this when not in use until the game is restarted. gun still appears normal when active and in use; this only happens when it's put away. i've attached an image to show the problem more clearly. the people that i play online with can't see this, it only appears abnormal on my end. likewise i can't see anything abnormal for them if they are experiencing this bug (which they have)
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    info: pc, windows 10, 3440x1440 monitor. bug trigger: unknown; seems to be random. i've attached an image of the problem; the astronaut - when in the medium rover (unsure if this occurs in the large rover) sometimes sits inside the vehicle sideways, rather than on the seat. it resolved itself randomly, but still seems to occur sometimes. hope this helps!