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  1. Something along those lines, although instead of creating a deep "hole" we are basically sticking a pipe in the ground to unlock materials that are otherwise not mine-able.
  2. This is a game concept that I thought would be interesting. I hope it has not already been proposed! How about the ability to "drill" deep into the planet for gas/liquid resources (i.e. hydrocarbons, water). This could possibly involve the introduction of more surface equipment modules for gas processing/refining. Here are a few supporting concepts that come to mind: - seismic exploration to locate suitable drill sites / depths - modular drilling rig which components can be moved with large vehicles and assembled at drill site (derrick, sub-structure, generator, pumps, ...) - pipeline infrastructure to a centralized processing facility or base. Or the player can choose to process the resource at the well site. - gas compressors to boost pipeline pressures? - new resource production can supplement the atmosphere condenser (water, oil, methane, ethane, propane ... hydrogen sulfide?) - Produced Emulsion can be refined into water, liquid hydrocarbon, and solids? I realize this is a pretty complex addition ... but maybe down the line at some point it can be added in if there is enough interest! Thanks for reading.