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  1. I see what you mean about adding a fixed hud. I do enjoy the fact that all the UI in the game is "in game holograms", or at least that's the goal. Rather than adding a fixed hud, it would be cool to toggle the compass around your character on and off. Maybe on mouse over, we get a GUI hologram tooltip saying hold E to toggle the Compass on? Or gate it behind a tier0 suit module called advanced compass (or something cool like Gyrometer) that has to be equipped to give the constant compass effect, even in vehicles. Make it cost a single piece of Iron and it won't interrupt the main progression. Having to stop and get out of a vehicle to check your orientation is not a gameplay enriching feature, especially with the associated lagtime from the game save trigger. Admittedly it isn't the highest priority fix, but I think it would add more to the sandbox, especially a mid-late game mapping process.
  2. I agree with almost all of this. Limit the range that beacons are visible on the compass, but make it greater than the horizon. Maybe to show up on the compass there needs to be "advanced beacons" that cost more to make? Those could have different icons (like the home base one) and more color options? For people who don't want a permanently visible compass, make it disable-able. To prevent clutter limit the number of beacons visible on the compass in a given direction. If they want to preserve the whole "getting lost is a critical part of the experience", then you can gate the access to a map behind some mid game mechanics. Specifically require mapping satellites before being able to use a holo-globe or GPS. Make it a requirement for each planet as well to add more "objectives". The one thing I think would be better implemented is for the holo-globe to be a tier-0 item that you can wear on a backpack slot can carry around with you.
  3. I think being able to go from one slot to four or five would be a bit awkward if you tried to put it on anything other than the ground. If it was as efficient at storing items as a medium storage (1x resin -> 4x spaces) then why would I ever make medium storages when I could litter the ground with small ones? A small storage would make a lot more sense if it occupied one slot and yielded two slots. It should be able to be placed on any slot where it would collide with an adjacent one, like your regular backpack slots or on a medium storage. Maybe if it was placed on an "invalid" location it would collapse into only giving a single slot, so you could actually store them places while not in use? In keeping with the current recipes, it should cost a single resin and be fabricated in the backpack. For balance reasons it may be better to make it cost compound though. What are your thoughts on my interpretation?
  4. I agree that they can be a bit annoying, and hope we get some differing varieties in the storms and weather hazards. Indeed it is on the Trello roadmap for post launch to work on weather systems. However, I rarely have an issue where I have to wait out the storms in a habitat / chair. The key is to dig a tunnel to a cave near your base and go caving underground when the storm approaches. That way you aren't just wasting time for no reason. Hopefully they have more fleshed out systems for launch, like at least being able to access the Catalog while in a habitat or rover chair.
  5. Same here, I personally love the rovers and buggies. When I bring a large shuttle to a new planet I usually have it equipped with everything I need to get a vehicle bay and build a small rover asap. To me it is the most fun way of exploring the surface and caverns, and they are quick, easy to power, and give us unlimited oxygen. Depending on the planet, tethering around isn't super viable. Resin and compound are technically on every planet, but can be pretty rare on Tundra and Radiated (in my experience). For the full breakdown of resource availability check out this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u6iJx0fjLm5dH93aWBTLxvQ8N97H58k_pyIGquLJl6k/ I wish there was a way to unlock this sort of information about the planets in game, such as sending satellites to the various planets and getting data about them, but alas.
  6. I have only had issues with my rovers getting "stuck" in the ground or on boulders. It has simply required hopping out and digging under them a bit. Otherwise I have had a ton of fun driving them around the various planets. Perhaps you should try building up the ground until it connects with the rover to see if it stops floating and spinning?
  7. By far the biggest problem with the large shredder rover train is that there is a lot of down time waiting for each piece to shred. I just completed a huge loop on Terran (not quite around the planet) and brought back four large rovers almost completely laden with scrap. It was pretty fun discovering all the wreckage, scavenging some power generation/storage, and scrapping every piece of salvage along the way. However, sitting and waiting for each piece to finish shredding to put the next one in wasn't exactly super engaging. Power was never an issue for me. Reflecting upon my journey, I could have made a second large shredder but it would have HEAVILY cut into my total scrap storage, as each large shredder reduces carrying capacity by 32 (Large storage covered in medium storage). I would love to see a dump-truck style attachment, where the pieces are held in by the game physics. Another possibility is an Electromagnet attachment that salvage pieces would snap to, at the cost of a small amount of power over time. With the Electromagnet you could hop out at a wreck, grab each piece of salvage, snap it onto the magnet, and then drive away while the shredder goes through them one at a time. Using the magnet would drain power. A single piece wouldn't take much power, but adding more and more to the pile would make it increasingly expensive. You could even attach it to the crane and use it to pull pieces out of the ground directly. That way two players could scavenge and scrap on the go without even getting out.
  8. Good news is that Barren has everything you need to build another solid rocket booster. Bad news is you are going to have to build another solid rocket booster from scratch. What you will need at minimum: small printer (1x compound), medium printer (2x compound), a medium platform (1x resin), a large platform (2x resin), a smelter (1x compound, 2x resin), a power source, and then a solid-fuel thruster (1x Laterite + 1x ammonium). You will need a power source, which should be a small generator (1x compound) + organic plus whatever you can scavenge. Total: 5x resin, 5x compound, 1x Laterite, 1x Ammonium. Try looking in the caves. If there aren't any, dig down at an angle until you find them. Good luck and have fun.
  9. I definitely like the idea of an upgradeable / modular backpack. For your specific idea it would be cool to keep the top two attachment points, as well as the three slots on the terrain manipulator, then have the 8 backpack slots converted to two joined slots like you said. That way you aren't totally without useful attachments. You would have to modify the back pack power meter to account for a larger item covering up the center though, maybe run it along the top next to oxygen? That does bring up some interesting scenarios though, can you attach unpacked medium solar panels and gain serious power on the go? What wearing a medium printer and printing with it without needing platforms? What about using a rover chair while wearing a tier--2 item? Can you wear a rover chair and could another player then ride around on your back? Can you get into a rover chair while wearing a rover chair on your back with another person in it? Repeat that process and you can have 4 players chained together riding in a single buggy haha. In all seriousness, I would love to see a system where you either exchange backpacks with specific trade offs, or equip suit mods that modify your stats at the expense of taking up regular backpack slots. Possible upgrades could be: Run speed, jump height, fall damage reduction, poison damage reduction, ability to zoom in, and when they add different weather hazards you can have widgets to negate those (Over-heating, freezing, radiation).
  10. I like the visual of the layout you've set up, but am having some trouble visualizing how the progression would work from your XS up to XL. We currently have backpack (XS), Small Printer, Medium Printer, and Vehicle bay (which is really a Large Printer). They follow the progression of taking up 1 slot, 2 slots, and then 4 slots for a Vehicle Bay. By that metric the XL Printer should take up 8 interconnected slots, which could only be placed on an Extra Large Platform A. I feel like that implementation of an XL printer would be large enough to print everything we've seen in game thus far, including Giant Solar Panels and functioning landing pad bases. Either way, we definitely need to have the Vehicle Bay act more like a Large Printer (which is what they really are) and have its products boxed up. It is kinda annoying being unable to move around modules printed onto rovers and shuttles, and doesn't fit with the rest of the modularity of the game.
  11. Renaming it would be more accurate, but I am not sure if it would actually enhance gameplay. What would be cool is if putting items into the research chamber didn't just yield bytes, but unlocked a catalog entry detailing what the IRL analog or composition of the material actually is. That would show extended information about Sulfur dioxide, for example, such a some chemical information, common uses, etc. I agree that there should be more unique ores per planet though. Presently you only have to go to Exotic to gain access to everything Terran lacks, with the exception of Sulfur (dioxide ha!) and Helium. Perhaps we could get more precious metals added, with only one variant available per planet to encourage visiting all of them?
  12. You are correct that pure elemental sulfur would probably not be in a gaseous phase (unless the planet and canister are above 450°C). If they change the name to Sulfur dioxide then we are fine. Io and Venus have high concentrations of atmospheric SO2 . Given that we can only extract SO2 from arid and radiated, that seems to be what the devs were thinking of. See - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfur_dioxide I think that it would be neat to extract Carbon Dioxide, which could then be processed in the Chem lab into carbon. Not sure how useful that would be compared to the loop of: Soil -> Centrifuge -> Organic -> Smelter -> Medium Generator, but I am all for more paths and use cases.
  13. +1 I agree, it would make exploring other planets more meaningful. Especially if some of those blueprints were for upgrade modules for your exosuit, vehicles, or station modules. Maybe if they make different planets more difficult to survive on, then those planets could have blueprints for tech that would make surviving there more manageable?
  14. This isn't an exploit, it is an in game mechanic. You can argue that it is imbalanced and rewards too easily, but it is still a meaningful mechanic. It still requires a mid-game progression to even unlock, as the medium shredder requires 2x Iron and the trade platform requires Iron and Tungsten. So players wanting to go straight to this method have to travel to either Exotic or Tundra as their first planet, with Tundra being pretty difficult for a lower level player to survive in. So once a player has 3x Iron, 1x tungsten they could in theory go back to Terran and trade for pretty much everything else. That process is still quite power hungry and time intensive though, which is what you are exchanging for the ability to get other raw materials. If someone wants to spend their time digging, centrifuging, printing, shredding, and trading, I don't see that as a broken mechanic. You still need a robust, near end stage base to handle the power requirements to do that continuously. As you pointed out it IS an inefficient usage of time. I am fine with them adjusting the scrap return for items printed exclusively from soil-centrifuge byproducts, but would prefer finding more ways to incentivize exploration over nerfing trading.
  15. Agreed. It should break large items into medium chunks with some smaller debris and medium sized items into a few small ones. Maybe there should be a way to break apart the large base chunks with a crane attachment as well? Perhaps you could just use the existing drill bit or just a medium shredder attached to the crane? If not then maybe a whole new attachment could be added?