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  1. KingMonkey

    1.03 patch is coming in the next 2 hours for Xbox

    The hero we need! Please post back to this thread if you see the update. Help out your fellow astroneers.
  2. KingMonkey


    I disagree with you. I liked the storms. I hope they come back. I'd be happy with a difficulty setting to turn storms on or off
  3. KingMonkey

    1.0 is so choppy it's miserable to play

    There's rumors of a performance patch coming soon* for the xbone. The devs could help themselves out with a communication about performance. I've looked for some official announcement, but I haven't seen it yet. Please link it if you know where an announcement is. TY.
  4. KingMonkey

    Is this a joke?

    This forum needs a downvote button.
  5. KingMonkey

    Xbox version Bugs so far

    The 'Inhibitor' tool mod seems to be broken as well. I did notice that the ground tearing issue seem to happen around a new kind of dirt. I found some deposits of a 'had earth' material that took longer to dig up than regular dirt. I seem to only notice the screen tearing issue around these 'hard earth' deposits. The terrain seems to get cut due to the different rates of digging betweeen the two different material types. Might even be related to lighting. It kind of looked like the only terrain that was getting clipped out was in the shadow of my headlight (I don't have the worklight yet, because I can't find any copper).
  6. I had this issue as well. XBone version.
  7. KingMonkey

    Xbox release

    Scuttlebutt says tomorrow morning for Xbox. 8AM PST from what I read. I'm not seeing the update for xbone either.
  8. KingMonkey

    Astroneer: The Search for Hydrazine Well what do you know!? Somebody already came up with a solution to this. How about combining Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas to make some ammonia, then converting the ammonia into hydrazine? I think you'd have to ferry one set of gas canisters to another planet because both gases are unavailable together at any one planet. That would help with making any one resource OP or too abundant. The Wikipedia article talks about using iron as a catalyst, adding to the need to go to multiple planets before you would be able to create your own ammonia. edit: You could also make the electricity requirement to run the process at full speed burdensome, maybe like 8 medium solar panels worth of electricity. Alternatively, you could allow the soil condenser to be able to make ammonium again, but increase the dirt requirement. Perhaps a full load of soil makes 1 ammonia.
  9. KingMonkey

    beacons are kind of useless

    I do red beacons heading to the north pole, blue to the south, green to the east and purple to the west - because Californians are weird and crazy.
  10. So I am finding myself spending a lot of time hunting for ammonium. I think ammonium is now the most valuable resource in the game. Hopefully the next patch will make acquiring ammonium/hydrazine easier. I just spent an hour scouring caves for ammonium. I struck out and logged off. Ammonium has defeated me again.
  11. KingMonkey

    Making Hydrazine in the Crafting Patch

    Hydrazine is definitely a bottle neck for me. I think I am going to rename the crafting patch to "Astroneer: The Search for Hydrazine" I just spent an hour scouring through caves to find ammonium. I couldn't find any, logged off and went to bed. I'm hoping the next patch addresses the hydrazine bottleneck.
  12. KingMonkey

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    So far so good on a new save file. I didn't delete the old game save, or delete any of the save files off my Xbox.
  13. KingMonkey

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    I started a new save file. So far so good. I've done several saves and exits, and my progress has been saved. I have been saving in the habitat before using 'save and exit' function.
  14. KingMonkey

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    Yeah, save bug confirmed. I tried deleting the installed game, and DL'd another fresh copy, but the bug is still there. I'm going to try a new game to see if it is game-save specific.
  15. KingMonkey

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    I am having this exact same issue on XBone version. It seems like every other save is a good save. I have tried saving from a rover seat and just using the 'save and exit to menu' option from the 'start(the button formerly known as start)' button. It has happened several times now. It has happened with me shutting the game down through the Xbox 'manage game' option, it has happened by switching out of the Astroneer app and going to the Amazon Prime app. It has happened with and without shutting off the Xbox. One possible associate could be I have been using the Xbox 'Instant On' power setting lately. Otherwise, I'd say every other save is recognized. The other saves just don't seem to register at all.