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  1. I just rented a dedicated server from Nitrado. I've tried lots of things but I can't connect. Astroneer shows 'OFFLINE' in my dedicated server in-game menu. I've tried enterint the IP address I get from Nitrado, I've tried two different ports 40000, and 40001 but no luck. I've restarting my console, and the server from Nitrado web interface. Is there some other way I should be entering my server info into Astroneer other than entering the IP address and port number?
  2. I agree entirely. A survival mode with the original weather would do it for me. - That and the dedicated servers would bring me back to the game. It seems to me that providing dedicated servers would be an opportunity to increase your revenue and add a steady source of recurring revenue. I'm assuming that there would be a monthly/yearly charge to access a permanent dedicated server. I'd happily pay $5/month for a server, maybe even $10.
  3. I'd like to see storage units have an option to either take or give a particular resource. For example, I'd like to be able to set a storage unit to 'take all aluminum' or swap it to 'give all aluminum'. You'd be able to put an empty storage unit onto a table with other mixed up resources and tell the desired storage unit to pull all the selected resources to that particular storage unit. Alternatively, you'd be able to set a mixed up storage unit on a table and tell it to give up a selected resource.
  4. It's not just you. It's the same on the Xbox as well. You can control items independently on the buggy, but I think that's the only vehicle like that.
  5. Any word on dedicated servers? Latency/stability in multiplayer can be hit or miss. I'd think having actual online servers would help.
  6. Delayed by Microsoft. From twitter: Update: Unfortunately we are still waiting for the build to get pushed to the Windows/Xbox Store. We will keep you all updated on a timeline as soon as we get it. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. Me too. Scuttlebutt says it's Microsoft slow walking the update.
  8. @SES_joe Any word on Microsoft releasing the update? I don't see it on my XBox, or xbox store.
  9. @SES_joe I don't see the update. When I load the game (xbox one) the info tab says groundwork update is live, but I can't download it. Am I doing something wrong? Or has the update not hit the xbox store yet?
  10. @SES_Adam Thanks for keeping up with the game. I was wondering about the weather events. I'd love to see the storms return in some fashion. Building a storm-fort to hold off the deadly UPS boxes was my favorite part of the game. I'd be happy with a toggle-able setting when starting a new game to include storms or other weather events. I heard rumors of high and low temperatures and maybe the team could bring back the radiation storms from the old irradiated planet. For me, the risk of getting caught on the surface during a storm was a thrilling part of the game. I know other players really hated everything about the storms, but for me it made the game. I hope that weather events (or hopefully the old storms) will make a reappearance sooner, rather than later. Thanks again for your work!
  11. Thanks for the updates. Trello has storms and weather events as a possible future update. I know that a section on the player base really hated the storms a really lot, and they loudly made their voices heard. However, the storms added a signature characteristic to the survivability part of this game. When storms were taken out, the game turned into a much less interesting game. Granted I'm still playing it, and I'm still having fun with it, but it's just a ghost of what it was with the storms. Building a storm-fort was one of the most entertaining parts of the game for me. I hope that storms and weather events come back soon. I'd suggest, and you already allude to it with creative mode, that the storms and weather events be a toggle-able game setting. Thanks again for the updates, I'm looking forward to dedicated servers in the coming updates.
  12. I'm on Xbox one, with a controller, and I'd like to disable the auto center as well. I tend to fight the camera controller more than i'd like.