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  1. @DazuziAlso I have the same problem, my old game saves doesn't want to load at all and I have no idea why. I suppose it depends on the processor and the size of the game save. The size of my save which I can't be able to open the computers vary from 5Mb/4Mb on one PC, and the other PC 10 Mb/11Mb. Send a e-mail to Support, Save('s) , Dxdiag and logs from the game. Developer @SES_Marc will by help you.
  2. Marcin7667

    Resource Ideas?

    I would have changed it to Glacio, because nuclear materials on the planets closer to star are spliting more often down by neutrons flying from the stars. The farther from the star, the lower chance of reaching high energy particles. +2
  3. Marcin7667

    Resource Ideas?

    Name: Haber process Description: Alternative method for obtaining ammonia. Made from: Chemistry Lab (Synthes) Recipe:  2x Hydrogen Canisters Gas Required (1x Nitrogen) Use: To crafting hydrazine. More information on Wikipedia or other pages.
  4. Marcin7667

    Resource Ideas?

    Name: ALON Description: Amazing and unique transparent advanced ceramic. Made from: Chemistry Lab (ceramics) Recipe: 1x Aluminium 1x Compound Gas Required (1x Nitrogen) Use: To advanced crafting. More information on Wikipedia or other pages.
  5. Marcin7667

    Guess what these new leeks are?

    Yes you're right @Slipsonic, that's kind of habitat. On the discord, Gina send a next piece of the habitat. I think it's a new mobile version of habitat. And I guess will be able to pack, but what surprised me, is what lies at the bottom, whether it is a glowing stick or something else. Picture
  6. Marcin7667

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    Spam bot is disabled or something else. Because I sent the report and after an hour I login back and nothing happened. Sorry for the double report. @Wyvyrias
  7. Marcin7667

    Would you buy merch?

    Very happy to buy @Gina. I and so I can't be on PAX West, because I share a very large distance from Europe to USA. As will be available in the store, insert a post or links.
  8. Marcin7667

    A new perspective on main menu and sub-menus

    Maybe they'll hire you @SrMIzuki. Send on Discord there are more active and better appreciate your "little effort".
  9. Marcin7667

    A new perspective on main menu and sub-menus

    It's beautiful. I very like the new menu it is look super good. This version it is more polished, and very nice background. Applause for you @SrMIzuki. Good job.
  10. So now I'm waiting for a new update, and I browse the roadmap with the hope that they optimize the saves.
  11. I have the same, with of the my Old Save, and new save work well. I tested on two computers and I have the same result.
  12. Marcin7667

    quality of life ideas

    Cool idea, but I think it would be a mech, something similar with subnautica (prawn suit) RTG is a very large hardware and it was hard to make to small (in games it is possible). In my opinion, they could add atomic batteries. An interesting idea. Yes, it's a little strange that you can deform the substrate until it disappears. I don't see the need, but that's just my opinion. Space stations, I also want to be in the game, but probably developers will add gravity, just like the cores of the planets. Compass, for me it isn't needed, but another will be useful.😉 This is on the Roadmap, but for not long we will learn in the new Dev Stream/Vlog their ideas for the future of the game. Me too. The storms gave the game more interesting gameplay. Post with information.
  13. Marcin7667

    Arc Furnace

    Small bug 2Al2O3 + 3C = 4Al + 3CO2 In this furnace you can make metal alloys, and also silicon which is the basis of many electrical elements. SiO2 + C = Si + CO2 Material to construct in my suggestion is more sense. It steel as the base of the furnace, copper as cables and connector to electrode, ceramics as heat insulator, graphite to the electrode.
  14. Marcin7667

    Arc Furnace

    Forgive me wrong mineral Fe3o4 is magnetite, Hematite is Fe2o3, and its reaction is 2Fe2o3 + 3c = 4Fe + 3co2
  15. Marcin7667

    Arc Furnace

    As for the panel with the lab, I mean the features, you choose the options for melting the hematite or tungsten, arrows and confirms its option. If you want this I can insert schemes and videos on this topic.